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Six Month Catch Up

It’s been six months since I’ve come to this dusty place. What’s my blog address again? I had to look up my password too.

I have thought of blogging at least a couple hundred of times in the past months. Ideas form and begin to take shape, and then they evaporate. Do I have a big desire to get that idea down? I guess the answer is no.

It’s been over a year since my big endometriosis surgery. I really wanted to blog at the one year mark, but we were overseas and life was too hectic. The outcome? I’m doing really well. I have NO pain! I’m still on the antidepressant to help with sleep, but I plan to slowly wean off of it soon and see how it goes. About two months ago I started being able to fall asleep at night more consistently. I still have sleep issues, and the progress is very slow, but at least there is progress. My surgeon was Dr. Mosbrucker in Gig Harbor, WA, and her general surgeon (who did my bowel resections and who put in my chest tube) was Dr. Linda Pai. If you’ve got severe endometriosis and no one has been able to help you, go see Dr. Mosbrucker. My sister also flew up to have her do her latest endo surgery, and she is doing WAY better.

Speaking of which, thanks to excellent health these days, I will be home schooling Josh starting next week! He’ll be starting kindergarten. He’ll also attend some enrichment classes two days a week with other kids. We’ve got our curriculum almost ready to go and I feel very excited to start. I hope it is a good fit for Josh and for our family. Josh is reading, still hates to go places, and has made some improvement over the summer with his sound sensitivity issue (hates loud or sustained noise). He lives and breathes Legos. My husband tells me that they won’t be going away anytime soon…

Rachel is almost 4 and she’ll be going to preschool a few mornings a week starting in September. She can’t wait, and has her unicorn backpack all ready to go. She is still in trouble all the time. I thought I saw some progress in her a few days ago, but then we’ve just come through three days of sheer three year old psychosis. Even though she’s crazy right now, my girl will start laughing in the middle of a screaming episode. She doesn’t take anything too personally. I love that about her.

The hubs and I will have tied the knot ten years ago in just a few short hours. As the years go by, marriage just gets better and better. Love my guy; how he continually pursues the Lord and me. He is so obviously for me. Thankful for what a blessing he is.

We took a 3 week trip with the kids to Papua New Guinea this summer which was wonderful– the highlight of the year! We also went on a 3 night camping trip up to Tahoe. That was pretty awesome, except that my sister got into a car accident (not her fault) and we got a ticket from the park ranger because there was a miscommunication in our group and food got left out on the tables (which is a big no-no due to bears). We’ve enjoyed lots of swimming and just easy-going summer days… I think I will miss this season once it’s over! I’m so thankful I can be home with the kids and yet still get to out to work here and there.

Here are a few pictures from the past few months. 🙂





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