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A Stroll Through Memory Lane {2016}

I pulled out my camera on the spur of the moment yesterday to catch some photos of Josh and my hubby outside during the “golden light” sunset. I realized immediately that my photography skills were quite rusty (ahem, BAD)– I have barely used my camera at all this year! Such a shame.

Later on, when I popped my SD card into my computer I realized that I had not downloaded pictures taken as far back as April. So I thought I’d share a few!


















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The Country & A Little More Photography

This morning we made our thirty minute trek to church. Unfortunately, Rachel just wasn’t in a good mood from the moment she woke up. I don’t know what got into that girl! I put her in the front pack (which she normally loves) but she wasn’t having it. I paced around inside and outside the church with her for about 20 minutes and when that didn’t help, I decided to pack her up and go for a country drive. Our church is sort of in the country already, which made our venture pretty easy.

Our hour long drive (while Rachel snoozed, thankfully) was spectacular. I think I may have worshiped God more just by seeing His breathtaking creation than I might have from a pew. It’s amazing how much the beauty, peace and quiet of the country really allows my mind to clear these days.

These cell phone pictures are pretty much terrible compared to what I was actually seeing. Oh well, I’m still posting them here anyhow. I’m dying to get back out to the country soon with my camera.


IMG_20160131_111505 IMG_20160131_111442 IMG_20160131_111222

On that same note, my friend Frances was over the other night and taught me some more about the settings on my camera. She helped me with aperture, focusing and ISO. So whenever I get an opportunity, I’m trying to take pictures and get a handle on the various settings. Here are some of pictures I took in the last week.

Josh was eating crayons coloring the other day. I give him his pacifier when he’s coloring to discourage him from chewing his crayons, but it usually only works about 25% of the time. I figure that learning to hold a crayon is more important than not swallowing colored wax?

DSC_0004 (2)

DSC_0013 (2)DSC_0007 (3)DSC_0010 (3)

Rachel was happy in her bumbo. Oh, the smiles that girl gives us sometimes! Even my husband said that her big smiles “melt his heart.”

DSC_0005 (3)

DSC_0003 (4)

Josh still really enjoys playing with beans and scooping or pouring them from container to container (and I love it because he doesn’t put the beans in his mouth!).

DSC_0040 (3)

DSC_0039 (3)

And earlier today I saw Josh’s toy train sitting outside all alone and for some reason it made me think of Toy Story — how nuts is that? Poor train. Left outside, all alone,  in the cold, windy weather. What will life come to.

DSC_0015 (4)

DSC_0014 (3)

DSC_0021 (4)

So that’s the extent of my grand photography. 😉 I have so much to learn, but I’m just happy that I’m feeling more comfortable with my camera.


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