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Baby #2 Update

I have a 100% fail rate when it comes to predicting baby genders so far. With Josh, I though for certain he was a girl. As it obviously turned out, I was quite wrong. This time? Yeah, I thought it was another boy. But I was wrong! (Again. Did I mention that my husband likes to point out that he was correct BOTH times? He would be.)


Now I know to just think the opposite of whatever it is that I think I’m having. Seems simple enough, right?

Little girl’s ultrasound was perfect. She was 19 weeks 6 days today and the total average of all the measurements came to: 19 weeks, 6 days. What an overachiever! Fluid was good, and placenta was in a good place. She’s quite the ballerina and was in breech position the whole time with her feet dangling in her face. I just love the picture below:

Baby #2 19 weeks 6 days

I’m so relieved to have this ultrasound behind us. As one of my coworkers said to me the other day, “NICU nurses are tortured when it comes to having their own babies.” It’s so true. Sometimes being ignorant of all that can go wrong seems like a huge blessing to me. Abnormalities galore have been filtering through my brain these past weeks, and I have spent a lot of time in prayer just asking for a peace that would surpass all understanding (Phil. 4:7) should any problems unfold.

But today no problems arose. God saw fit to allow us to be pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I know that God has spared us a lot of heartache in this, but I also trust that had the ultrasound results been different this morning, He would have carried us through it, just like He has through every other hardship and heartache in life.

It’s been a tough week in other ways. A close friend of mine also went through IVF and found out near the end of the 1st trimester that her baby had died after they heard a strong heartbeat at 7 weeks. She is devastated, and my heart hurts so badly for her. Similarly, on a blog I follow closely, a wonderful gal lost her baby at 19 weeks. So many tears, but also so much healing in her life that she has been faithful to share in the past weeks since her loss. She has turned to God and allowed Him to pick up the pieces and slowly mend her heart. It hasn’t been easy. Grief can overwhelm sometimes. I often think of her and her and her precious baby she lost. Praying for her.

Aside from that, Josh has been in the throes of terrible twos for the last five weeks! Or maybe six…I’m losing track of time. We’re living in tantrum/meltdown central here. I even took him to his pediatrician to get his ears checked but alas, his pediatrician said his ears were fine and that he was most likely just going through an early case of terrible twos. He’s 14 months now. All I can say is, I’m glad this started now and not later on when the baby comes. Praying for patience and wisdom with that little boy is a frequent daily habit of mine. I need both desperately! He’s also got two big teeth coming in — they look like molars but I’m no expert with teeth so I guess I’ll have to wait the absurd amount of time it takes these big teeth to come in to know for sure.



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