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25 Week Update

I’m not sure how I feel about typing up pregnancy updates. I’d much rather write about something {somewhat} thought provoking– something that’s been on my mind and that either needs further evaluation and processing or that’s already composed and coherent. But on the other hand, I just love reading other people’s pregnancy updates. I think it’s really fun and I love to see a belly grow as a new life (or lives!) takes shape and personality. There is so much hope in new life, and in my study of 1 Samuel I have been pondering how God uses new life to bring about change and hope through the babies He promises, often to barren women (Samuel, Isaac, Moses, John, JESUS– just to name a few).

So with great expectations of a new little life hopefully arriving sometime in early October, here goes. A pregnancy update, for those of you who love to read about the smaller details of life. (My husband would last about two sentences into a blog post like this…let’s see if he gets even this far and mentions it to me!)

Baby Growth: Baby is about  1 1/2 pounds and the size of a rutabaga. I have no idea what a rutabaga is, or how big it is. But I know how big most 25 week preemies are, thanks to working in a NICU, and trust me I do not want to see my baby any time soon.

Symptoms: Praise report! I’ve been feeling great! I had 5 consecutive days of constant adhesion pain a while back, and that was a challenge — more emotionally than anything because I feared that it would be ongoing for the rest of the pregnancy. I really had to stop and commit it to the Lord when it was starting to get me down in the evenings. I still get adhesion pain here or there (usually in the evenings) but overall it’s far less painful than last time around! I also have occasional heartburn that I take Zantac for, and that’s been doing the job. Other than that, I’ve been tired, hot, and forgetful. Pretty typical for a summer pregnancy, I suppose!

Weight Gain: At my 24 week appointment I had gained 14 pounds. My OB seemed happy with that. I definitely feel bigger this time around, but I measured right on though at 24 weeks.

Maternity Clothes: Been wearing those exclusively since 14 weeks. As well as my husband’s smaller t-shirts. Do I sound like a spoiled brat if I say that I am already tired of my maternity clothes? Yes. Yes, I do.

Cravings: Dark chocolate and cherries. Man, I love summer cherries! Too bad they’re so expensive. Good thing they’re not in season for very long or we’d go broke.

Food Aversions: Most afternoons/evenings I feel hungry but nothing seems to look that appealing. It makes for a very picky pregnant mama and I get annoyed with myself! Even my 15 month toddler is less picky than I am (pathetic, I know). At least in the mornings I am more agreeable to a larger variety of foods. 😉

Baby Buys: Haven’t bought anything for little girl yet. But I swapped our boy baby clothes with a friend of mine who just had a boy and got all of her baby girl clothes from her toddler who’s grown out of them! My cousin also gave me her newborn girl clothes. So already doing pretty well in the clothes department. We won’t need much stuff — a car seat adapter for the stroller, burp clothes, receiving blankets, and maybe some swaddlepods. It’s so nice to already have so much!

Sleep: Other than heartburn plaguing me in the evenings, sleep has been pretty good.

Other: My wedding ring stopped fitting around 22 weeks, so now I’m wearing my ‘work’ band which is looser. With it being 100F+ outside though I’m not sure how much longer that ring will fit either! Also, lately I feel like I’m in menopause most nights because my feet become blistering hot as soon as I lay down and close my eyes. The other night I seriously considered strapping ice packs to them!

Last but not least, here’s the belly. I try not to shudder at how big it will be by 40 weeks. Gaining weight is always a little scary because one never knows how long it will take to lose it!

25 weeks. I just realized that I am wearing my husband's t-shirts in most of my pregnancy pics. That's the tiredness kicking in!

25 weeks. I just realized that I am wearing my husband’s t-shirts in most of my pregnancy pics. That’s the tiredness kicking in!



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Letting Go… Or Not?

I think this is probably not a new struggle for a gal who’s been through years of infertility, but who also has been amazingly blessed with children. We went through IVF once and two FET’s. We have baby #2 (a girl!) on the way this fall and I think it’s highly unlikely we will go through another IVF again. We would love to have more children, but don’t want to risk getting more embryos than we can actually transfer in, should we do another round of IVF.

So that leaves lots of room for God to work a miracle if we end up having another child (naturally).

The source of my dilemma is actually over stuff. Baby stuff. Lots and lots of baby stuff. It is filling (my husband would say ‘taking over’) our garage. And every last nook and cranny we can find to cram it into. We have almost all boy stuff (minus some gender neutral stuff) and I hate to get rid of it in case God does work a miracle and brings us another boy some day. But God has never promised me another son (or daughter, for that matter). I have absolutely no idea what the future holds. So would it be unwise to keep all this boy baby stuff in the hopes that someday God might bless us in that way? It would be nice not to have to buy/search for cheap baby things– should that day come — but on the other hand I’m wondering if  not “letting go” isn’t such a great idea, spiritually and mentally.

I’m sure there are many of you out there who had hoped for more children at some point and had to make similar decisions. Any thoughts?



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15 Months {and 22 weeks along}

Life is just truckin’ along. Josh finally got his two molars in that had been plaguing us all for 6 weeks (well, they’re almost all the way in) and he is a much happier camper now! He is back to sleeping through the night and is far less whiny. I’m enjoying the respite before the next set of molars come in. Hopefully we’ll catch a little break!

"Mom, I know I can't swim yet, but I really love to plunge myself head first into the water!"

“Mom, I know I can’t swim yet, but I really love to plunge myself head first into the water!”                   – The stuff parent panic attacks are made from

Josh is almost 15 months now and that kid seems to grow and change daily. It is such a delight to watch him learn and discover new things.

(Sorry if I’ve been typing that repeatedly on every blog post since he was born.)

The latest activities he’s been enjoying have been “swimming” in the baby pool (i.e. splashing crazily until both mommy and daddy are completely soaked and/or flinging himself head first from one side of the little pool to the other) we set up in the backyard (not to mention Grandma and Grandpa’s big pool when we visit).

He’s also been enjoying playing in his new his new toddler room (which was the office/guest room) which will be his new room when the baby comes this October. Since his current room is perfectly set up for a newborn, and also pretty gender neutral, I figured we might as well leave it alone. I went on a marathon shopping trip to Ikea with my mom and used up my entire allowed budget to get him a new crib and mattress (he won’t be ready for a toddler bed for a while since he’s not even walking yet), a new dresser, darkening curtains, some nice toy bins, a picture for the wall, a toy holder and a castle tent to play in. He loves it, and so do I! Little by little we’ll be transferring over his clothes, diapers, wipes and books and get him transitioned to his new room.

Josh's new toddler room. We have fun playing in there!

Josh’s new toddler room. We have fun playing in there! (On a side note, to save money, I bought one of the cheaper dressers at Ikea but had my hubby drill holes and apply knobs to spruce it up.)

In the meantime, we’ve been clearing out the closet in his toddler room (which had our printer, office and wrapping supplies, as well as vacuum, broom, etc) and somehow it has led to a major reorganization of every storage area in our entire house. I’ve been discovering things like FOUR sets of curtains in my linen cabinet that will never work for this house, extra fabric, clothes and shoes we never wear and just lots of things we need to get rid of. So it’s been a good process but also an exhausting one. Additionally, hubby decided that the one drawer he got in our dresser wasn’t working for him (can’t imagine why? I had the other five drawers — ridiculous, I know!) so we are in the process of selling the beloved dresser (that I worked so hard to paint and fix up back in January) and plan to get a bigger one… you know, so that hubby can have more than his one token drawer.

Goodbye, beloved dresser. I'm going to miss you.

Goodbye, beloved dresser. I’m going to miss you.

As for pregnancy, I’m 22 weeks and starting to feel huge. I mean it this time. I looked back on my blog and saw that I look the same as I did when I was 30 weeks with Josh. Not taking any pictures because I keep thinking it’s some sort of fluke and that tomorrow I’ll look like a normal 22-week-pregnant person (I had hoped for that this morning, but sadly it didn’t happen). My hubby said, “Well, at least we know our baby will be healthy!” (Code for ‘big’ in husband-speak.) I had to laugh. Josh was 6 pounds 13 ounces, and after all, I did tell him that I  had hoped to have a bigger baby this time around. I like to have some wiggle room weight-wise with newborns, especially during those few days that I’m waiting for my milk to come in.

I lied. I took a picture after all. For all the fuss I just made, I promise I look bigger than this in person. 22 weeks.

I lied. I took a picture after all. For all the fuss I just made, I promise I look bigger than this in person. 22 weeks 3 days.

So for now, other than trying to hide the fact that I am only 22 weeks along to unsuspecting people, we are in a good place! And– up to today, I have only had FOUR days of pain this entire pregnancy. It’s astounding to me! By this point last time I was having a lot of trouble moving or crossing my legs and rolling over without significant pain. And I remembered that by 27 weeks I was already making trips to L&D for intense stabbing pain! (I had to read back on my blog for that info also.) This time around I feel great. I do have some heartburn in the evenings, but if I treat it prophylactically with Zantac it isn’t much at all and doesn’t disturb my sleep. Also, avoiding greasy foods really seems to help, as well as eating smaller dinners. I also gave up coffee completely several weeks ago after experiencing two days of crushing chest pain following a large decaf coffee drink. I think being coffee-free has helped tremendously on cutting back the heartburn. To help myself stay remain resolved, I lent my amazing Keurig espresso maker/milk frother to my sister. She is happily enjoying it, and gets to keep it until the baby comes. After that I definitely will be wanting it back! Helloooo long, sleepless nights! (While getting to snuggle with an adorable baby, of course.) 🙂

This is a lousy picture but I love the expression on Josh's face. :)

I’ll leave you with this one last picture. Lousy quality, but I love the expression on Josh’s face as he’s on his way to pretend-tackle his mommy. 😉




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