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Twists and Turns and Prayers that Linger

Sometimes life has unexpected twists and turns. I really thought we would have adopted by now. I’m not sure where I got this (now unwanted) expectation from. It was something that just occurred to me one day back in September when we were approved by our adoption agency. For some uncalculated and unknown reason, I thought it wouldn’t take this long.

In the scheme of things and considering the slowly churning world of adoption, we haven’t waited very long. Just 4 months. These months have actually passed by quickly, and some days I go almost all day without even thinking about our adoption. Then there are days like today, when I hold another mother’s precious baby in my arms while working at my job in the NICU, and it occurs to me, “I could be holding our own baby just as sweet and little as this in my arms come tomorrow.” My usually subdued feelings to want to love and care for a little one bubble up to the surface. It’s a frightful yet wonderful feeling.

And yet… maybe another year will go by without an addition to our family. Maybe I will look on to the beginning of yet another year and ponder the fact that we still haven’t adopted. It’s definitely a possibility. But then again, this year may be different. I’m hoping we’ll adopt soon. And far more helpful is that fact that we and many others are praying it’s so. If you have ever lifted us up in prayer over this matter, we are grateful for you. This prayer to adopt has lingered in the Lord’s presence for many months now. He is not deaf to our pleas, nor incapable of responding.

So, here’s to answered prayers and life’s unexpected twists and turns in 2013!

Happy New Year, everyone!



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