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30 Week Pregnancy Update, July Events

I will be 30 weeks on Friday. Hooray!
Not much to report other than a growing belly and some trouble sleeping at night (again– due to hot feet and also feeling like I’m suffocating when I lie down). I’ve also felt worn out a lot but have noticed that eating helps me to come back to life a bit. All in all, pretty darn good for pregnancy.
It’s been a busy month. My husband had two weeks off and returned back to work on Monday. My 3 nephews came for a sleepover on Sunday night (which was a blast) and when I took them home I dropped off Josh with them at my parent’s house for his first night away from home. We got to go out to a nice restaurant for dinner and do some maternity clothes shopping afterward at Old Navy (big belly + 100F weather = very small clothing selection). Then we returned home for a very romantic evening of cleaning bathrooms, floors, and the kitchen. 😉



We also went to the State Fair which was horribly hot but still a lot of fun. Sadly, we didn’t get to see my parents or my disabled sister much at all because my sister was pretty wound up that day and did much better in a smaller group. Josh tolerated being in the stroller for a few hours and then made it very clear that he was done! He desperately needed a nap and wouldn’t stop crying in the stroller or ergo front pack so we decided to head home. Oh well, at least we got in 3-3.5 hours at the fair!


Still tolerating the stroller at this point.


Not too excited about the carousel.


At the fair.

We’ve also been busy just doing random things with my nephews. Haircuts, playing chess outdoors and the merry-go-round. Swimming daily. I treasure every minute with those kids and love how much they pour into Josh.


My youngest nephew looking pretty unsure about this haircutting business.



And let’s not forget all the wildfires. Between triple-digit degree weather and wind, fires seem to be popping up every couple of days here in Northern California (mainly near my parent’s home where we have been spending lots of time at this month). Thankfully, they are taken care of by our competent firefighters right away. So far I’ve made one call to 911 to report fires, and my sister has called three times. We never assume that someone else has already called.


Fire from today.


Fire from last week.

Lastly here’s my 29 and 3 day prego pic. My belly has grown big time. Someone commented at work last week that I was working “until the bitter end” and he seemed to choke a little when I told him I was only 29 weeks. And then a lady I was chatting with while the kids were getting haircuts almost had her eyes leave their sockets when I told her I had 11 weeks to go. Gosh, not looking forward to the comments by the time I am term. I just have to remember that a precious little girl is growing in there and that our lives will be forever changed when she comes!


29 weeks 3 days.


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Parvo and the Blubbering Mess

I can’t believe I’m already to 28 weeks. I told my OB yesterday “This pregnancy so far has been a dream compared to my pregnancy with Josh!” Even if the next 12 weeks are completely miserable, it would still overall be better than last time! So thankful for pain free days! Every time I see my sister and mom they marvel over how well I’m feeling this time around. I must have moaned and groaned and cried a lot last time!

I passed my glucose screening test yesterday. Glad to have that behind me. But I have gained 21 pounds so far. 21 pounds!!!! I know, I know, I’m supposed to gain weight; it’s hard work growing a baby, etc, (I’ve heard all your reassuring statements) but it’s a little scary feeling like you have such little control over how much weight you gain. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t gained this much weight with Josh until around 35 weeks. I shudder to think what the scale will say when I get to that point! I would love to have a bigger baby this time around but I also don’t want it to take 9 months to shed the pounds after the baby comes.

Probably a big reason I’m packing on the pounds so well is because I started taking Prilosec for the ridiculous heartburn I was having. I was spending a good portion of the night (every night) sitting up waiting for the fire to die down in my throat, and even a sip of water would keep me up at least two hours. It was getting out of control, despite taking Zantac (I never even bothered with Tums since last time they just made the heartburn worse). So I started the Prilosec and I am doing great on it! I can even drink coffee if I want to! I don’t know how long it will keep working (with Josh it worked for a limited amount of time), but I can say that I’m enjoying not having heartburn very much these day (and also better sleep).

One of my nephews came down with Parvovirus a few weeks ago (aka “Fifth’s Disease” — in children it leaves a classic rash on the cheeks and then the trunk of the body following a mild cold and fever…  it’s also not to be confused with the Parvovirus that dogs get, which is an entirely different virus). Anyhow, of course I have been around my nephews almost daily since they arrived in early July, and it wouldn’t really matter if one of them had the bubonic plague — I would be there because I don’t get to see them much (they normally live in Papua New Guinea) and they’re great kids and I love them to pieces. So, I didn’t think anything about the Parvovirus (following a quick google search of it’s effect on pregnant women) and to be honest I had already been unknowingly exposed to it since we didn’t know my nephew had it until he got the rash.

The problem with the virus is that the cold and rash do not follow each other quickly. The rash can follow weeks after the cold. And by the time the rash hits, most are not contagious anymore. So most people think they just have a mild cold and never suspect Parvovirus until the rash shows up (which was quite bad on my nephew and caused a bit of discomfort for many days, poor kiddo).

I found that most adults are already immune to the virus, as it’s easily spread through children, so most get it in their childhood. But when I came down with a fever, chills, joint aches, and a massive headache about a week and a half ago and was sick for 2 days (not long), I suspected that I had caught Parvovirus from my nephew (no one else I knew was or had been sick). After further research (i.e. by reading medical journals — this wasn’t info I found easily) I discovered that this was something I needed to let my OB know about after all. She responded by saying that it was likely I was already immune to the virus, but that if I wasn’t immune there was a potential for the baby to get an infection from it which could cause severe anemia to the baby– which would buy me extra ultrasounds and monitoring to make sure baby was okay. So she had me go to the lab that day and get labs drawn — a CBC, and a Parvo IgG and IgM to check for prior immunity and current immune response to Parvo. My labs came back saying I had old immunity to Parvo (yay!) and a tiny bit of new immune response to the virus (which was confusing, considering I had prior immunity – but I guess it could either be nothing or it could mean my body didn’t fight off a new infection). In any case, I have to get the same labs drawn again on Wednesday because my OB said it could take a while for the current immune response to show up. But neither of us are feeling worried about it and I’m heavily suspecting that the fact that I had been exposed to the virus in the past will mean that my labs will show no new current infection next week.

Even though I’m not worried about the Parvo ordeal, my emotions have been all over the place lately. Pregnancy hormones are driving me crazy! I find myself crying over the dumbest stuff. For instance, our routine most nights is that my husband will give Josh his milk while reading stories, and when Josh has finished his milk, my husband will call for me and I’ll take Josh to brush his teeth and then put him to bed. Well, I wasn’t within earshot when Josh finished his milk, and my husband kept calling for me but I was obviously not responding because I couldn’t hear him. Josh started to cry when I didn’t come and was practically besides himself in tears by the time I realized that it was “teeth brushing time.” A little later after brushing teeth, as Josh had his head on my shoulder and I rocked him in his dark, quiet room for a few minutes, I couldn’t help but tear up thinking about how much this little boy needs me and depends on me, and how much it had affected him when I wasn’t there at a time when I usually was. It’s something I normally would have been merely surprised at, but being seven months pregnant it happened to bring some tears to my eyes and still makes me sad just thinking about it.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget to mention me having to give Josh back blows last night at my parents house because he choked on something while he was in the high chair. His lips turned blue, which got me up and moving quickly. Yes, it ended up not being a big deal and he was fine (praise God), but I was fighting back tears after that, too (mainly at the thought of what would have happened if I couldn’t have gotten the lodged food out of his trachea). I obviously can’t think about scenarios like that right now! I’m so annoyed that I’m an emotional wreck these days. (And don’t even get me started about how I cried like a baby while watching the movie “Inside Out.” I think my cry-fest was more entertaining to my husband than the movie…) I could go on with more examples like these but I’ll just leave it at that for now. 😉

So there you have it. A potentially Parvo-infected-cry-baby pregnant lady in her 7th month… but who is overall having a great pregnancy so far! 

28 weeks. Check out my super glamorous $30 ring from Walmart, which is the only ring that fits these days.

28 weeks with baby#2. Check out my super glamorous $30 ring from Walmart, which is the only ring that fits these days.


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Family Camping Trip To The Redwoods

Back in late January, while I was on bed rest, my older sister, husband and I were sitting around discussing our upcoming family summer camping trip. My husband and I had chosen to stay home the previous year because Josh had been 4 months old at the time and wasn’t sleeping well through the night. (I grew up camping every summer, and camping is probably one of my top ten favorite things to do– so I admit I actually cried about having to miss it.) But seeing as Josh was a year older and sleeper much better at night, we were all set to go camping this year.

Until I remembered.

Oh yes, that horrible pregnancy claustrophobia I got with Josh, starting at 23 weeks. It was pretty intense. I was on the submarine ride at Disneyland when it struck full force. For the duration of the pregnancy, I had a hard time being in a car (without the window rolled down) or a small room. I knew there was no way I would be able to sleep in a tent–and forget about a sleeping bag. I felt anxious just thinking about it!

So after much deliberation, we decided to go ‘camping,’ but booked a hotel room about 5 miles down the road from the campsite. I knew we’d take some flak from our die-hard camping relatives who like to backpack and don’t call ‘camping’ anything but sleeping in a tent, but it was either that or stay home.

Ironically, so far the claustrophobia hasn’t really hit this pregnancy! I’m a little claustrophobic, but nothing like last time. The hotel room was nice to have though since Josh still takes crazy long naps. We were in a group of 20 (7 of which were kids) people camping, so as you can imagine, it would be pretty hard to keep everyone quite while Josh took a 2 or 3 hour nap in a tent nearby in the middle of the day.

On the drive up to the redwoods. I got him a new cheap toy to play with in the car. He was enamored for at least 45 minutes with it!

On the drive up to the redwoods. I got him a new cheap toy to play with in the car. He was enamored for at least 45 minutes with it! (Although he’s looking at it rather suspiciously here.)

We ended up sticking Josh’s portacrib in a small closet in our hotel room and kept the door propped open while he slept. It worked out great! At the campsite, we took a playpen yard and put it over a tarp and blanket that my aunt had brought. My aunt also brought toys which kept Josh entertained quite a bit. It was hilarious to see the “big” kids in there too wanting to play with Josh or just listen to a story. Josh never seemed to be in there by himself for long, which was great!

Our historic hotel.

Our historic hotel.


A few shots from the lobby of the hotel. Josh seems to look everywhere but the camera sometimes so the hubs just rolled with it. ;)

A few shots from the lobby of the hotel. Josh seems to look everywhere but the camera sometimes so the hubs just rolled with it. 😉

Parent life saver: Play yard!

Parent life saver: Play yard! (I’m not even sure if Josh is in it at this point? I can’t remember.)

Parent life-saver: Play yard. Had to laugh at the hubs here trying to multitask so much!

Had to laugh at the hubs here trying to multitask so much!

My mom relaxing, which is something she rarely does.

My mom relaxing, which is something she rarely does.

My youngest nephew, Elias. He is the King of Silly.

My youngest nephew, Elias. He is the King of Silly.

With my parents at a nearby ice cream shop.

With my parents at a nearby ice cream shop.

The hardest part was probably the car trip home. Josh barely napped and then whined/cried for the remaining 2.5 hours of a 4 hour drive. He just hates his car seat most days, and wants to get out of it.

I also started getting braxton hicks contractions on the day we left for camping and they never really died down until yesterday. There was just so much to carry and transport from house to hotel, hotel to campsite, back to hotel, hotel to home (hubby loaded up EVERYTHING on his own by that point) plus a couple sets of stairs at the hotel (which was an old, historic hotel), etc. The contractions weren’t strong at all but did make me a little nauseous, so I decided to sit and rest as much as possible and I worked on upping my water intake. Seems to have done the trick and I only had 2 contractions yesterday, and none so far today!

Josh and I on a walk around the campground while everyone ate dinner. Left his shoe at the campsite, but when you're 27 weeks pregnant and having contractions, you just don't care one bit.

Josh and I on a walk around the campground while everyone ate dinner. Left his shoe at the campsite, but when you’re 27 weeks pregnant and having contractions, you just don’t care.

I was pretty intimidated to take camping a non-walking toddler (who loves to explore!) who still needed two naps a day– but in the end we all survived and had fun, too. On the trip up to the campsite, my cousin and I were texting each other, and we decided that our motto for the camping trip would be “Oh well!” when things didn’t go as planned. There were many of those moments but I think having that frame of mind really helped my attitude overall. I wanted to look back and have good memories from this trip, and I am happy to say that I do!


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July Lessons, Birthing Thoughts & 26 Week Pregnancy Update

I wrote a post about a week ago on things I was learning as a young (ish) mother but I was brain dead at 2 am when I wrote it so I decided against publishing it. I wish I could say I’m much more alert tonight at 8:50 pm but that would be a lie. I’m discovering that as I chase around a toddler and embrace week 26 of pregnancy, I’m just flat-out tired most of the time!

I’m learning so much these days, though. Learning to let go of expectations and hopes that I have for the future and to trust the Lord with it. Learning to find patience for the days that Josh whines continuously and to curb my own whining when my pregnancy ailments get the best of me. Learning to be grateful for the little things, and stopping my mouth when ‘Ms. Negativity’ tries to enter in. Of course I fail all the time– just ask my husband. But it is a good season, because the Lord is teaching me, and that never leads to a stagnant walk with the Lord.

My older sister and her family are here for a month, living an hour away with my parents while they attempt to renovate the granny house on my parent’s property. I don’t get to spend much time with them (they live overseas) and my sister and I are very close, so I’m hoping to get over there as much as possible this month. I don’t know how it will work out gas/money-wise or with Josh (who’s not a fan of his car seat and who is still needing two long naps a day) but I’m trying not to cling to wanting to be there all the time too much and to take it a day at a time. While at church this morning I realized that it was something I needed to surrender to the Lord and so I did just that. The Lord gave me tremendous peace about it and now I’m excited for how the month will unfold.

So far things are going okay with this pregnancy. Still having a lot of heartburn which comes on randomly and regardless of what I choose to eat. It usually keeps me up several hours into the night. I’m still trying to keep off of the PPI’s (proton pump inhibitors–Protonix, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc) until I make it to the third trimester if I can. Also experiencing more swelling in my hands and feet than I ever had when pregnant with Josh. I don’t know if it’s because of being pregnant during the hot summer months or what? And overall feeling much more emotional and irritable. Yayyyyy.

Yesterday was funny because a few people told me “You don’t even look pregnant!” and today I got “You’ve really grown!” and “Look how big you are now!”  Here’s a comparison below between this pregnancy and my pregnancy with Josh. These pictures never really seem to show how big I feel in real life.

(I) 26 weeks 5 days

26 Weeks with Josh

26 weeks

26 Weeks this pregnancy.

I’ve been thinking a little too much about giving birth lately. I guess I’m still traumatized from last time, but I need to be thankful that I delivered a live, healthy child and that there were no emergencies for either of us (even with the umbilical wrapped around Josh’s neck 3 times — he still tolerated labor like a champ!). I’m really hoping to avoid getting an epidural and to be able to labor at home for as long as I can handle, but it seems to me that plans with childbirth tend to get thrown out the window, sometimes before labor has even started! (i.e. The baby is breech, an early induction is needed due to low fluid, baby doesn’t tolerate labor well, mom is GBS positive so can’t labor at home for very long, mom’s water breaks early on, etc.) Having a safe delivery is ultimately my chief goal. I just hope it’s not as awful this time around! There were points of complete hopelessness and despair (where I honestly felt like both baby and me were going to die — not sure if it was a side effect to one of the medications I received or what?) that I hope to avoid next time around. I will be praying a lot about it, that’s for sure… and will be roping in my friends and family to be praying as well when the time comes.

Things are going great with Josh. He’ll be 16 months old in the next week. Recently he’s become attached to the blankie my mom knitted him before he was born and it’s been a great thing to have for comfort. Whenever it is that I decide to take away his pacifier, it’ll be really handy to have that blankie! He loves to put his head down on my shoulder and snuggle with me when I’m putting him down for a nap or at bedtime. I really cherish these moments of closeness with him. He still loves to snuggle in my lap and read books with me. I know it won’t last forever, but I also know it’ll be a joy to see him gain independence and to learn new things as well. He is still a very focused little boy and the lady in the nursery at church playing with him exclaimed “I think he’s going to grow up to be an engineer!” after watching him hold his interest in stacking nesting blocks for a long time. I couldn’t help but laugh since his daddy is an engineer with a reaaaallly long attention span. 😉 He’s still not walking (he’s soooo close, though!) and repeats words occasionally after us, but still isn’t talking yet. Thankfully, his understanding is very good now. In fact, the other day I was telling my mom on the phone that Josh would bolt toward the front door whenever I told him “Daddy’s home!” and he overheard me saying that to her and took off toward the front door! He was quite sad (and confused) when I had to tell him, “Sorry Josh, Daddy actually isn’t home yet!” Now I need to be more careful with what I say in front of him!

Every day is a new adventure.

Every day is a new adventure with this little guy.

Hoping to make it to the zoo, the fair, a splash pad, and to get lots of swimming in at my parent’s pool with Josh and my nephews this month. Also, we are going camping next weekend with my extended family! Lots to look forward to. I’m also looking forward to my 28 week OB appt next week (but NOT looking forward to the glucose tolerance test I’ll have to do that day). I’m not sure if I’ll get another ultrasound before I deliver (seems like they did one at 36 weeks with Josh? Or maybe it was 32 weeks? I can’t remember) but I sure hope so. It would be really fun to see this little girl again.


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