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Rachel 9 Months

I’m not sure where the time has gone this summer.  I’m a bit behind (what’s new?), but Rachel turned 9 months old two weeks ago!

Man, oh man.  She is SO fun right now. She figured out how to crawl and is enjoying perusing the entire house at her leisure. I found her today playing with the broom in the laundry room, and sitting on her knees in her room while she fiddled with the garbage can sitting on the lower part of her changing table. Apparently we aren’t as baby-proofed as we used to be with Josh. Either that or she just loves to explore more!

She is my cuddly baby, who loves to be near me. Whenever I scoop her up, her arms fly around my neck faster than I can say “Hi!” (She then proceeds to pull my hair or pinch my cheek, but whatever.)


We went to Six Flags Discovery Kinddom a few days ago and left Josh with his Aunty and Uncle. But Rachel came along with us (as well as my nephews and their grandparents). We almost didn’t have room for her in the stroller, but we managed to fit her in. 😉


I wasn’t sure how it would go, but she did great. Slept and ate on cue, even. I’m not sure she even cried while at the park. I brought a quilt and found a (relatively) quiet spot so that I could nurse her and let her crawl around.


It would seem I only have toys for big brother in my diaper bag right now. She really doesn’t mind…



After her nap I couldn’t pass up taking a picture of her hair. Kind of hard to see in the photo. But it was cute.


Speaking of hair, I tried to get a clip in her hair the other day. As you can see, it’s not really my specialty. I put her down for a nap and forgot about the clip until I went to get her up and realized that it was missing. After a moment of panicking (the girl loves to put everything in her mouth) I thankfully found it underneath her crib. After Josh’s bean-up-the-nose experience, I’m a little nervous.


Grandma had to crochet her a smaller blankie a few weeks ago because her other blankie was pretty big and she kept rolling around in it during her naps until she was caught up in it really tight like a cocoon. This smaller blankie has done the trick and she hasn’t been getting stuck in it.


My youngest nephew (pictured after this next picture) loves to play with Rachel and the other day I had to decline his request to hold her (probably because I was too busy with other things and unable to sit with him). So he dressed up Rachel instead. As you can tell, she wasn’t very amused.


He isn’t always denied his requests to hold her…


All my nephews just love her so much. They love Josh as well and play with him tirelessly. It’s such a joy to watch!


Rachel with her Aunty. She’ll be incredibly different when they see each other again in a few years (*sniff sniff*).


With Grandpa in the swing. Rachel’s pretty much up for anything these days. She was enjoying this more than I was able to capture in the picture!



An update on weaning her: It didn’t happen. My mom came for two days in a row and I left with Josh and just let my mom keep offering her the bottle, sippy cup, or whatever she wouldn’t refuse. By the end of the second day she wasn’t taking anything or even opening her mouth. It. Was. Stressful. And oh, the look Rachel gave me when I walked in the door at the end of those days! She looked so betrayed. Since I was still able to nurse her, I wasn’t at a point where I wanted to let her starve for a few days until she gave in and took the formula. So we picked back up where we left off. It hasn’t been so bad… she’s sleeping through the night and nursing 5-6 times a day. But I do look forward to transitioning her to cow’s milk at a year old.

9 month stats: 17#4oz. 27 1/4 inches at her last drs appt. Just moved into size 4 diapers. Fits in 9 and 12 month clothes, although I keep squeezing her into 6 month clothes because I just don’t have a ton of bigger clothes. Loves solids, and eats 3-4 servings a day. Still not loving the sippy cup, but it’s offered to her (with water in it) with her solids. She has mastered picking up puffs and loves doing that. She is accepting most of mom’s homemade baby food! Hooray!

So thankful for this joyful little person God placed in our care! We love our Little Rachel! (Her Daddy started calling her this when she was tiny and it just sort of stuck, even though she’s not very ‘little’ anymore!).







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Living in the Land of Spit Up & Meltdowns

Rachel turned 3 weeks old yesterday! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by these days. A little recap of the last three weeks:

  • Rachel is a puker. Big time. I can barely keep up on the laundry to keep enough burp cloths on hand! She spits up any time during the 3 hour window between feedings. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to bother her too much. I’m just adjusting to us both smelling like spit-up 24/7…
  • Nursing is going really well. She’s a great nurser (hence all the spit-up) and doesn’t have a funky latch like Josh did. I think the difference is that Rachel wasn’t tongued-tied like Josh was. I have been putting off pumping, although realistically this is the time to get some milk stashed away for when I go back to work (very part time). For some reason I just can’t make myself do it, I guess because I was often stressed with Josh that I didn’t have enough milk and was pumping a lot to increase my milk supply, as well as to get milk in the freezer for when I weaned him. With Rachel I’m just enjoying not worrying about any of that for now.
  • Rachel weighed 6#9oz at birth and was 7#6oz at her 2 week appointment! Her pediatrician was so impressed with her weight gain that he said I could let her go 6 hours at night between feedings if I wanted to.
  • ^ About that. I was pretty excited about the thought of getting 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night. But as it turns out, Rachel’s stomach is on a timer which goes off every 3 hours and 15 minutes. Sometimes there is an exception though — last night she slept 4.5 hours between feedings which was heavenly. Even with night time feedings, I still get more sleep than when I was pregnant and had cholestasis.
  • She has grown out of about half of her newborn clothes, depending on the brand.
  • She’s still in newborn diapers– not for much longer though!
  • She got a pacifier at 2.5 weeks old (after a long evening/night of screaming no matter what we did) and she mostly likes it, depending on the day or the hour.
  • The girl can scream — and suddenly! Even as newborns, I cannot believe the difference in pitches between Rachel and Josh’s cries. The girl can pierce eardrums.
  • All in all, she sleeps most of the time with 1-2 awake periods during the day (thankfully not at night) lasting 1-2 hours at a time each. She also sleeps at night in her crib, which she started doing at 1 week old. She loves being swaddled! She wakes up to eat and almost always goes right back to sleep at night.
  • So far, Rachel has been to the pumpkin patch, the park (several times), church, Costco, and Walmart.
  • She loves the Ergo and the Moby wrap, and falls asleep immediately when she is being carried in either.
From today -- 3 weeks old.

From yesterday — 3 weeks old.

Moby wrap = baby sedative. If only we could drive while wearing those things...

Moby wrap = baby sedative. If only we could drive while wearing those things…

The Ergo also wins some major points. She feels a little too small for it so far though.

The Ergo also wins some major points. She feels a little too small for it so far though.

Baby Tae kwon do.

Baby Tae kwon do.

And I couldn't leave out a sneak peak from her newborn pics that my friend Katherine took. More to come later!

And I couldn’t leave out a sneak peak from her newborn pics that my friend Katherine took. More to come later!

And now on to big brother…

Josh will be turning 19 months in a few days, and I’m not going to lie — these past 3 weeks with Josh have been brutal. The tantrums and meltdowns have been CONSTANT. Clearly, having 24/7 competition for Mommy and Daddy’s attention have taken a toll on this kid. I’m really glad he’ll know he’s not the center of the universe anymore but I just didn’t anticipate that he’d have such a hard time adjusting to having a little sister. (Honestly — I wasn’t sure if he’d even notice much that he even had a little sister!) He also has been super accident prone and managed to lose an entire fingernail (it got caught in the door jam), scrape up his nose, cut his lip, and fall so hard on the back of his head at the play ground that I was momentarily worried about a skull fracture. There were several other incidents (sometimes 3 within ten minutes!) and after his pediatrician mentioned that some kids develop stutters when they have a new sibling join them, I began to wonder if Josh’s clumsiness had anything to do with Rachel’s arrival.

In any case, Daddy went back to work yesterday and so we are all adjusting once again. I was pleasantly surprised when Josh had a great day yesterday with very few meltdowns and no accidents, but then today has been a completely different story that has made me want to pull my own hair out.

A recap on Josh from the past few weeks:

  • Josh continues to be infatuated with trucks and cars. But mainly just trucks. He can be found clutching or playing with a truck or with making ‘truck noises’ at any given moment of the day. He would sleep, eat and bathe while holding a truck in his hand if we let him. As it is, it’s a major meltdown any time we have to pry a beloved truck out of his hand. Now that we know how much he loves cars and trucks, he has amassed several (thanks Grandma & Mimi!) and they are littered all over our house.
  • Josh will repeat several words, but not consistently, and still doesn’t have any words that he says on his own. His babbling is still non-stop though and pretty cute. Still, we look forward to the day when that boy can communicate with us!
  • I gave Josh a plate and spoon with dinner last night (normal he eats with his fingers off of his highchair tray). It was an epic fail (see picture below). He chewed on the fork instead of eating his dinner, and then screamed with gusto when we took the spoon away. I’ll try giving it to him again in a few months when my cave-man toddler perhaps decides that eating with utensils is the more refined way to go.
  • We got a swing set recently and Josh loves it! (Me too.)
  • Josh still loves stories, and enjoys looking through books as well as having them read to him.
  • We got rid of his bottle and he’s been getting the sippy cup since 13 months. He gets milk twice a day — first thing in the morning and right before bed, both during story time with Daddy.
  • Josh goes to bed anywhere from 6-7 pm and gets up usually 12-13 hours later. He doesn’t wake up at night usually but has a few times since Rachel was born. Thankfully he goes right back to sleep! We are still in 1-2 nap limbo-land, but most days he usually needs 2 naps, even if the 2nd nap is only 30 minutes.

And here’s some pictures from the past few weeks!

Notice the sad lack of food on that plate...

Notice the sad lack of food on that plate…

Josh's special box that I pull out just when I'm nursing Rachel. It works really well and helps keep him occupied and out of trouble!

Josh’s special box that I pull out just when I’m nursing Rachel. It works really well and helps keep him occupied and out of trouble!

New swing set! We all love it!

New swing set! We all love it!

Josh woke up from his nap and discovered something exciting being built in the backyard!

Josh woke up from his nap and discovered something exciting being built in the backyard!

Exploring the park. He loves leaves, pine cones and sticks.

Exploring the park. He loves leaves, pine cones and sticks.

Josh's sad lack of finger nail.

Josh’s sad lack of finger nail. I’m not even going to say how much this traumatized me at the time with postpartum hormones on board.


At the pumpkin patch. I sure love this kiddo!


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