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Day Three Transfer Still A Go

Our embryo didn’t die last night and is dividing! What a relief. I’m still holding my breath though, because it still has to survive through the night before we transfer it back in at 9:30.

I’m really praying that my phone doesn’t ring tomorrow morning, because if my IVF Dr calls it’s likely because he’s got bad news for us.

Please, please pray our little embryo continues to do well!

I’m distracting myself today by cooking spaghetti and by baking gluten & dairy free blueberry muffins as well as regular blueberry muffins (for my hubby and his Grandpa). And also by vacuuming up ants in the kitchen… yay. 😒

And I can’t say it enough- thank you for your prayers! Trusting God’s plan no matter the outcome.


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