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Consultation Date Moved Up!

Miracle of miracles- I got an appointment with the endometriosis surgeon moved up to next month!

The surgeon wrote me back and said that according to my symptoms, I probably have diaphragmatic endometriosis and also bowel endo. She said that she would work with a general surgeon, who would either scrape it off my bowel (colon) or, if the endo is full thickness, they will do a bowel resection. As for the diaphragm endo, she said it’s probably not full thickness yet (I agree, and I hope to keep it that way until surgery!). It was nice to have confirmation that someone else with experience in the field agreed with my assessment of my symptoms.

My original appointment was for October, which then got moved up to July, and now to April.

I am still living with daily pain in my shoulder and upper torso – under my ribs and into my back. It’s tolerable now but I’m dreading future periods. ūüė¶¬† I’ll be fine until my surgery date though as I don’t get endo in my lung cavity.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking a little bit about hysterectomies. I’m curious to hear what the surgeon thinks about the topic. I’m still all over the map and need wisdom. I still cry every time I think about it…

Thanks for your prayers! God answered and I am grateful to get in much sooner!




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Highs & the Lows of The Week

Oh, what a week it’s been.

The week started off with finding out that hubby may be getting laid off from his job. Yikes! We had heard that his company was making 5% cuts to the workforce, then 15% to his particular work group. That was Monday. He told me this during a quick dinner at home before he had to run off to his men’s group at church. After he left I felt some anxiety over the situation, so I did two things: I emailed my older sister and asked her to start praying and then I did the same. And almost immediately, the Lord gave me peace. I could tell the Lord was doing something good¬†through this, like¬†working some sort of self-reliance and sin out of my heart. We waited to hear more about the job situation.

My mom came over Tuesday for a visit and what a wonderful day it was! I wasn’t feeling great but was well enough to do some little things. She bought me some flowers for my front yard which she planted, and pruned away all the “mostly” dead plants that never got any TLC during the cold weeks we had back in December. I love beauty, and I love flowers! Even just a few colorful flowers really brings a smile to my face. My mom also worked on crocheting a hat for our son that matched exactly the outfit I have picked out for his homecoming from the hospital. Best of all, I really enjoyed our conversation and distraction from pain. Her visit was such a blessing. She even brought me a mocha!

Now for the lows of the week– I just wrote out some very long paragraphs describing what that was like and decided that it was way too verbose and a little boring to read about. So I will summarize and just give you the main points:

– I came down with intense upper abdominal pain with pain radiating to my mid-upper back on Tuesday afternoon, just a few short hours after my mom left from her visit.

-The pain worsened for several hours and I went to L&D the following evening after barely eating or sleeping in 28 hours. I had hedged my bets that I was either experiencing a gall bladder attack of some sort of gastritis. I’ve had gastritis in the past, however, and it felt nothing like this. But if there’s anything I’ve learned so far, it’s that pregnancy changes pain locations and intensity.

-The L&D doctor offered me IV fluids and morphine. I politely declined the IV (since I could swallow and wasn’t feeling nauseous) and asked for Tylenol with codeine instead of morphine. He agreed. Labs then came back saying that my liver and gall bladder looked just fine.

-The doctor sent me home saying that it was probably a “gall bladder spasm” and that there was nothing much else to be done. {Insert Sigh.}

-In the morning, after barely sleeping due to pain, I got up and ate some breakfast and drank some fluids. An hour later I nearly fainted. I called my OB and she ordered me an ultrasound that day for my liver/gall bladder/right kidney. Thankfully, because hubby was slammed at work with 5 meetings, my dad offered to come over and hang out with me. I rest a lot on the couch while we chatted. While I took a nap, he looked at our car which may have a head gasket problem. He then drove me to my ultrasound appointment, which was a huge blessing.

-My OB called 2 hours later and told me that my ultrasound results were, once again, *perfect.* Which is great news! (And also extremely frustrating and also confusing.) She told me that it was probably just acute gastritis. It doesn’t add up in my mind, as eating/not eating didn’t seem to affect the pain level and I didn’t have any nausea or heartburn. At the same time, the pain was lessening at that point… which definitely helped my frame of mind and level of frustration.

And now– back to the highs for the week: This morning I woke up feeling tons better. Still some upper abdominal pain but nothing compared to what it was. And I had some energy, too! I even met up with my coworker who gave me several nice baby items that she wasn’t using anymore– including a car seat, stroller, breast pump (the really nice kind!), and a soft infant seat. Talk about awesome!

Best of all, my husband texted me saying that he was going to be transferred to another department at work doing software instead of hardware (software is his true love and we’ve praying for an opportunity like this for quite a while). Additionally, he found out that the new department he’s transferring to is extremely unlikely to have any layoffs! Hooray!

So there you have it. A roller coaster of a week. But ending on a such high note! Thank you Jesus!

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Things I Never Knew About Pregnant Women

So please forgive me if you happen to be aware of all of my newly founded revelations I’m about to make about pregnant women (mainly THIS pregnant woman). I really had no idea… and shame on me since I’m a nurse, too! So these are the things I’ve learned so far — that is, in the past 18 weeks of pregnancy. I’m sure I’ll have a whole new post for things I’ve learned during the remaining 22 weeks!

1. A women’s taste buds literally go haywire during pregnancy. As in: “This broccoli tastes like bitter poison.” And what tastes semi-tolerable during the 8th week of pregnancy may taste positively disgusting just a day or two later. There is no diagram for predicting what one’s tastes buds will prefer, because they seem to undergo chemical changes multiple times a day. (Just ask my husband who recently ran out to pick up the dinner I had been dreaming of, only to find that I could barely choke it down.)

2. Back pain. Who knew that carrying a tiny baby the size of an almond can literally cause sciatica nerve pain in your back? Really? How is something that small already infringing on nearby nerves? If someone had told me this before I got pregnant I would have seriously wondered if they were a hypochondriac. These were complaints I had expected from someone in their last trimester, not their first. That is, until it happened to me…

3.¬†Despite being pregnant, I haven’t forgotten what it felt like to go through years of infertility and pain associated with endometriosis and the possibility of never having children. The pain from that experience is still very fresh, and although we have a child on the way, my battle with endometriosis may very well be decades long.

4. Always knowing where the closest restroom is. At work, at the mall, at a restaurant, at the airport, at church– you name the place: The location and proximity of the nearest restroom is always on the mind of an expectant woman.

5. Getting over the fact that for several months you just looked like you gained weight or “got fat.” Sure, whatever. One of these days that belly will really pop out and the confusion will be over once and for all.

6. Some very few women skip and hop through pregnancy like it’s the best and most fulfilling time in their lives. The rest of us wonder if it’s normal to feel so uncomfortable when others still can’t tell from appearances that we’re pregnant. So tell me… I’m still wondering…¬†Is it normal?

7. Adding on to #6, the thought of holding one’s newly born child and knowing that pregnancy is just a season is one of the few things that alters one’s perspective for the better when dealing with daily pain.

8. Dreams so real that you wake up and wonder if it really happened. And, dreams about what your own baby’s delivery will be like. Please tell me it won’t be that horrible… (as in painful!).

9. Ibuprofen is a beloved and very good but missed friend. Tylenol is a pathetic acquaintance who always fails to deliver.

10. Having your belly patted is a strange experience.

So there are some things I’ve learned along the way about pregnancy. It is much harder than I ever expected, but more thrilling than I could have dared myself to believe. I look forward to the things I will be learning in the next months to come!

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