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Tears of Sorrow, Tears of Joy

As a requirement for our adoption agency, I had to watch an episode of “16 and Pregnant,” a TV series about young pregnant mothers, most of whom choose to parent their child, however unprepared they may be at the time. However, the episode I watched was about a young couple who decided to give up their baby for adoption through the very same adoption agency that we are using.

I was amazed as I watched this couple choose (what seemed to me) the most difficult option of adopting out their baby, especially when their own parents were both against the decision. I watch the young mom take care of herself while pregnant, select adoptive parents, and go through the arduous process of labor and delivery, only to hold her baby girl for a few hours and hand her off to the adoptive parents. It was tragic and yet beautiful at the same time. I wept tears of sorrow for the birth mom (who was also weeping) and tears of joy for the adoptive mom. It was a strange feeling.

I’m glad they showed a follow up of the birth mom, now who wears a memory bracelet on her wrist (given to her by the adoptive mom, who also wears the same bracelet) as a reminder of her sweet little baby. I was glad to see that she was hopeful for her future; hopeful of having a family at a more stable time later on in life. For being so young, her selflessness and ability to put her baby before herself impressed me greatly.

I’m praying for the birth mom that chooses us, whoever she is, that she’ll have peace and rest knowing that we’ll be taking good care of the precious life growing inside her. And I’m praying the Lord will give her strength to make it through the process; praying that somehow she’ll weep not just tears of sorrow but also tears of joy. With our God, anything is possible.


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