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Rachel, 7 Months

Rachel is 7 month old today!

This little sweetie is such a joy. (I know I’ve said it before!) She is mellow and quick to give a smile.


Sorry for the low quality picture.

A quick recap of her development:

She’s still nursing about 7 times in a 24 hour period, and now taking two solids a day. She’s gaining weight rapidly! She was 15 pounds even at her 6 month well baby check up appointment. Three weeks later (last week) I took her in for 5 days of low grade fevers (up to 100.9) and no other symptoms. I wanted to rule out a UTI and an ear infection (she had neither, so I guess it was a virus). Anyhow, her weight then was 15 pounds 12 ounces.¬†She finally enjoys solids now and she’s had pretty much all veggies and fruit, although I’ve avoided giving her bananas.

Rachel was sleep trained last weekend. Sleep hadn’t really been much of an issue for her, but I needed to teach her how to sleep unswaddled and in her crib (as opposed to her rock n play). I’m not going to lie, the first night was rough! I was amazed at how long this little girl could cry. But she finally fell asleep. Surprisingly, one night was all it took! She has been sleeping exclusively in her crib and unswaddled since then. If there’s anything I learned about sleep training the second time around (we sleep trained Josh, too), it’s that it’s way easier to cope with the crying when you’ve been through it before and know that progress will eventually come.

She’s in 6 and 9 month clothing. Don’t ask me when this happened. She just got out of 3 month clothing, and flew right out of 6 month jammies. Pants that she was wearing 3 weeks ago are suddenly capris. I had to go buy a ton of (used) clothes for her last weekend because she had no shorts or sleepers that fit!

She loves the jumparoo and sitting in her bumbo chair. Believe it or not she still likes to be in the swing. (I’m probably stunting her development somehow by letting her be rocked in it most days. I should take it out to the garage.) She is sitting somewhat on her own but tips over fairly easily at this point. And forget about crawling. The girl hates being on her tummy and rolls over immediately! Josh did the same thing. I guess she’ll crawl when she feels the need to. At this point she is often very content to just watch me work in the kitchen or her brother play. Like I said… she’s mellow.

I returned back to work about a month ago and I’m SO thankful that she has slept while I’ve been gone. I always feel a little bit nervous about leaving her since she doesn’t take a bottle. I think my husband feels a little anxious about it too. Still, going back to work (very minimally) has been fun for me and I enjoy using my brain in a different capacity.

Today is hubby’s birthday so we are busy today making cards and frosting cakes.

Hope you have a great Thursday!



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