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We Made It To Embryo Transfer!

What a crazy 24 hours! I had trouble sleeping last night and was up for hours praying for our little embryo.

We had two sets of plans- plan A, which involved hubby’s Mom coming over to babysit in the morning and me drinking 12 oz of water at the prescribed time, as well as taking the Valium pill (they have you take 1 pill just prior to the transfer so that it relaxes your uterus). After the embryo transfer I would come home and bed rest for 3 days.

And then we had plan B, which we would shift to if the whole thing got called off because our embryo didn’t survive the night. I didn’t like thinking about that plan, but I would stop taking the progesterone, cancel baby sitting plans, etc. I figured that plan B was very likely to happen.

I was on pins and needles this morning, dreading a phone call from my Dr. I could just hear him saying “I’m sorry, but your embryo didn’t make it.” As much as I prepared to hear these words I knew it would be hard to hear.

However, no phone call came this morning. Feeling cautiously optimistic, I got into the car with the hubs and we headed into the clinic.

They got me prepped for the embryo transfer at the clinic. My favorite nurse, Laurel, was helping me. Finally the Dr walked into the room. He was wearing a mask, but I think he had a big smile on his face. “Your embryo is a grade 1 (the highest grade), and it’s 8 cells!” I looked at the picture he handed us. Our embryo looked beautiful! He then transferred our little baby back inside, and I was instructed to lie there for another ten minutes.

As soon he and Laurel left the room, tears of joy and gratitude fell down my face. I looked at the picture of our little baby… And I was filled with awe and wonder. Thank you Lord for keeping this little embryo safe and strong!

Now for the two week wait! I feel loads better though just having our little one back inside.

Thank you for all your prayers! As of Thursday I really didn’t think we’d make it this far!



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We Have 1 Embryo

My Dr left a message for me while I was playing a game with Josh- not sure why I didn’t hear my phone ring when I had been very much anticipating a call.

We have 1 embryo that fertilized and survived. If it makes it to Saturday, they’ll transfer it in at 9am (3 day transfer).

It always does take a miracle for me to get pregnant. This IVF is no exception. Every step of this process has been hard news. We went from 13-14 follicles to 8, then 6, then 5, then 4. Eggs retrieved: 3. Now embryos: 1. I’m afraid I’ll get a call tomorrow telling me we’re now down to 0, and that our baby hasn’t survived.

In spite of receiving hard news after hard news, about a million people have reminded me that it “only takes one.” It could still happen. There is still hope.

Please pray for us. As days go, this has been a hard one.


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