This is the story of an exasperated mother.

“Little Rachel,” (a title given by her father when she was just days old) has been extremely mischievous today. She’s almost 3.5, but today I think she regressed back to a 1.5 year old. We have those days (weeks… months) sometimes.

This morning while we were at my parents’, we celebrated Valentine’s day early. Rachel received (among other things) a heart container with 6 chocolates in it. Normally I would dole something like that out in small quantities as a reward for finishing most of her dinner. Well… Rachel disappeared for a while and when I found her I discovered that she had opened up her chocolates and eaten them all! I was actually surprised she was able to open it by herself.

A few hours later, she was caught climbing on the counter and eating cookies. Little Rachel!

A little after that I noticed that her pants and shirt were all wet. Was it water or potty? After a quick sniff I quickly determined that it was most definitely not water. I discovered that she had taken off her pull up and put it back on– inside out. As I’m sure you can imagine, inside out pull-ups absorb nothing. (But hopefully you’ll never need to know that information.)

Once we were back home, I was loading up the dishwasher and realized that I hadn’t seen Rachel in about fifteen minutes. I found her– taking a “dry” shower in the tub, with no clothes on, and shampoo all over her (dry) hair! I needed to leave for work very soon, but rushed her through a real bath in order to get the shampoo out of her hair.

About ten minutes after that, I was about to be on my way out the door for work when I saw her standing on an upside down laundry basket, getting into the snack cabinet. I didn’t think she had gotten into anything just yet when I got a whiff of chocolate from her breath. Here we go again. “Rachel, have you been eating (more) chocolate?” She finally confessed: “I eat M&M’s.” Oh brother. I discovered I couldn’t find the M&M’s. “Where are the M&M&s, Rachel? “They in my room. I go get them!”

Hopefully we’ve avoided a midnight snack of M&M’s now that they’re out of her room. 🙄

That little girl keeps me on my toes! I think my mother got her wish when she frequently told me that she hoped I had a little girl just like me someday.

It’s payback time.

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