Stim Day #9, IVF#2

I arrived at the IVF clinic this morning pretty startled to see that the line to the check in desk was out the door! I had really enjoyed the traffic free commute and, considering the empty roads, I was expecting an empty clinic. Not so. The MA was practically panting as she took me to my exam room after my blood draw. “9 IUI’s today… and on top of that we only have three exam rooms!” I mentioned that three exam rooms total for 3 IVF Drs really seemed inadequate. She agreed wholeheartedly.

My Dr came into the room shortly after and did my exam. It was more bad news. This time there were only 5 follicles that were large enough to be considered mature by the time of my egg retrieval (there were 6 my last appt and 8 the appt before that). Basically there is 1 large follicle on my right ovary and all the rest were on my left ovary. The follicles measured between 12mm-15mm. I had other follicles, but they were smaller.

My E2 today was 920 and progesterone 0.2. Things are fine there. My Dr commented on how nice my lining looked, which measured at 10.2.

So… The good news is that I won’t have to buy another day of stim meds. I will only stim 11 days. My egg retrieval will be Wednesday.

I asked my Dr if, given the low number of follicles I have, a 3 day transfer was most likely to be expected. His response: “Well, you never know. Because I had a patient recently who had 5 eggs and all 5 fertilized and went on to become blastocysts. So we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Okay then. I’ve got some hope. Praying for miracles!


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