Giving Up

This seems to be a year of giving up things.

January 1st got kicked off by giving up Facebook. What a relief that has been. I’m three months into it, and I haven’t regretted it once.

A month ago the Lord convicted me that I was being frivolous with buying coffee at coffee shops. So that went too. (I still make coffee at home for a fraction of the price.) Again, I don’t regret it. I feel freedom.

And now I think it’s going to be my smartphone. I’ve been cogitating on this one for at least a year. I’ve been a smartphone user for 5 years and ironically I think I’m much dumber for it. More importantly though, I strongly feel the need to be 100% present for my children. I don’t mind if they see me reading a book or looking at a paper map (what’s that?!), but I’m not convinced that screen time for kids can be seen in a positive light. I want our family to be engaged in the present and with the world around us. And I don’t think that can happen when we are reliant on the constant beck and call of smartphones.

Smartphones are pretty magnificent, and everyone has one– so please know that of course I’m not judging you if you have a smartphone! It is probably due to my own lack of discipline that I need to forsake mine. Also, I’m just not sure if they’re a good thing for our family right now.

Speaking of being beckoned — Rachel is calling. Hope you have a great Wednesday!



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4 responses to “Giving Up

  1. Wow, that’s very inspiring. I would probably be a much better mom without my phone as well. I do make an effort not to use it a ton. And the fact that I don’t have much data helps enforce that. But still, I know I could do so much better.

    • Well, we’ll see. Hubby wasn’t terribly excited about the idea. He thinks I can dumb down my smart phone to essentially make it a dumb phone. But I’d still prefer to be free of it. Having a small data plan sounds like a good place to start if I do keep it.

      • I gave mine up once but the plan I had didn’t have enough minutes of talk so I quickly went back to my smartphone. But we don’t have home internet so it’s a phone data plan or nothing…. I like to have at least some internet! It comes in handy at times and I’d miss my blog reader. It’s a good thing I’m limited though. I’ll be the first to admit that!!

  2. Phone discipline is so hard but so worth it! I am always a work in progress in this area but I have really been trying harder to set times during the day that are no phone times, limiting email checks, etc. Good luck!

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