Stomach Flu

Josh is on day 6 after the stomach flu and is back up to about 50%. His recovery has been much slower than I had anticipated, and he still won’t eat much. Hubby even went to McDonald’s yesterday and brought him a kid’s meal in hopes that he’d eat more than his usual bite or two. He completely rejected a McFlurry and chicken nuggets, but ate fries and apples. It was a win in my book.
And… now I’ve got the stomach flu. My sister and Dad came down with it last night. So much for sanitizing the house.

We’re having loads of fun.




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2 responses to “Stomach Flu

  1. Oh I’m so sorry! I thought I had gotten away without getting it but more than a week after DH and the kids got sick, I started having some… nasty stuff… I’ll just leave it at that. Hoping that’s all I get and the throwing up stays away!! I am taking GSE like crazy!!

    BTW, it took my kids a long time before they got their appetites back and started acting normal again. This is one awful virus!!

    • I’m so sorry you got sick! Good to know about your kiddos long recovery. I feel worried about Josh. Such low energy levels. 3-4 hour naps and bedtime at 5:30. I guess it’s normal but it makes me so sad to see him like that!

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