Getting Over a Grumpy Heart

“With thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Phil. 4:6

I’ve been thinking about this verse a lot lately. My heart replaces thankfulness with grumpiness sometimes before I can even count to three. I need to stop and pray when that happens — and more importantly, I first need to think of something to be thankful for!

Last night we went to my parent’s house for the Superbowl. Josh actually did great (other than not napping) and we had a lovely afternoon. But then Rachel lost it around 5 pm and just couldn’t pull it back together. She screamed and screamed. When it dawned on me that we would need to skip a delicious tri tip dinner and leave my parents’ house prematurely, something in me sort of snapped. “Seems like it’s either one kid or the other that starts screaming and won’t stop whenever we go somewhere!” I lamented to my sister. She assured me that it all very normal and asked if I’d like a tri tip dinner “to go.” But I fighting intense feelings of disappointment and frustration.

Last night didn’t get any better. Josh cried for hours. Rachel slept great thankfully — I’m sure all that screaming wore her out! But between the two children, I did not really get to bed for uninterrupted sleep until 4:30 am. My husband covered for me so that I could get a few hours of sleep, but then that meant that he’d be getting to work late and, consequently, home late. Again, my heart desperately wanted to feel sorry for itself.

Later on this morning, I got a few text messages from my older sister. They had discovered mold inside the walls in the older granny house they’re living in (at my parent’s property –while they’re home in the states). The mold was sort of a big deal — my brother in law and my Dad had to strip the wall there down to the studs and repair it with new installation and siding. My sister chose to not freak out about the mold. But I think she was fairly horrified this morning to see that one of my nephew’s blankets (that he keep on his bed) was embedded with a lot of mold. She stripped his bed and washed everything with bleach. She could have been distressed about the mold (and the other 99 things that have gone a muck in that granny house since they’ve been there). She could have been scared about potential sickness or felt burdened by all the extra work. Instead, she sent me this text:

“Lord, thank you for work to do and the strength to do it.”

She is choosing to respond opposite of what her emotions are telling her. This takes great self control! It is something the Lord is teaching me right now. I may have every excuse in the world to be grumpy or to complain. But that doesn’t make it okay. Attitude really is everything.

Lastly, a few pictures. I took Josh to see his pediatrician today because right after I blogged last week he broke out into a rash following a mild cold (I think he has Fifth’s Disease, an extremely common childhood illness). Today he had a fever though so I took him in to make sure he wasn’t getting a secondary infection. I’m thanking God that he seems to be just fine!

At the doctor's office.

At the doctor’s office.

And Rachel in her new snowsuit. Can you believe this snowsuit is size 3-6 months?!! My mom kindly ordered it online for her (I picked it out). It’ll work because it has a sleeping bag effect on her so I think she’ll stay quite warm. 🙂 We’re headed up to the snow soon! I’m sure we’ll all get a kick out of seeing her in this jumbo suit. I laugh every time I look at the picture!

Sumo wrestler baby Rachel!

Sumo wrestler baby Rachel!

Hope you have a great Monday!



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5 responses to “Getting Over a Grumpy Heart

  1. Yep… I can definitely see my own heart in this post. Something I need to work on for sure!!! Your sister sounds like such a sweet and inspirational person. The kind of person I would gravitate towards IRL, hoping she would rub off on me. 😉 I think you’re more like her than you realize. I’ve always been impressed by your grace and peaceful attitude even when you’ve faced devastating things.

    I hope josh gets better quickly!!

    • Thank you! Sisters are such a gift. I have three of them and love them dearly.
      I’ve always been amazed by how you cope with the water situation in the wintertime. I’d be like, “I’m moving to another state–right now!” 😉 I’m a clean freak and I also like to be clean. It even bugs me when my children aren’t clean!
      Josh seems to be feeling better, thanks. Last night was the first time in WEEKS that he didn’t cry on and off for hours. Hallelujah!

      • The water situation IS super stressful but thankfully my parents live about 15 minutes away so we go there almost daily to shower, do laundry and I’ll even take the dishes to wash there if I don’t feel like heating water at home. We always bring home tons of water jugs to flush the toilets etc. But it still really sucks. 😦 Every year we think we have solved the problem…. but nope! It’s totally a mystery how it can freeze with how well everything is insulated and wrapped in heat tape…. :/ I don’t like to stay with my parents though because I have 8 siblings still living at home and it’s kind of a huge imposition on everyone not to mention it’s loud and overwhelming and makes my kids act out really bad.

        I’m glad josh slept well!! Tru was up crying in the night. We are sick with colds so I’m hoping that’s all it was. It definitely scares me when the kids cry in the night because it takes me back to the sleepless newborn nights…. aghhgg!

      • I wrote a comment back to you the other day but got interrupted… Oops! That is great your parents live close by (didn’t know you had 8 siblings still at home!). My parent’s well pump went out the other day and we had family over for showers, I thought of you. Hope you all are feeling better! Sounds like a pretty bad cough/cold.:(

      • Not quite better yet but hopefully soon. 🙂

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