Nesting… It’s a Real Thing

The nesting has gotten out of control.

Just ask my husband. It’s not just setting up the nursery; it’s the whole house. “Hey,” I asked him, “Would you mind cleaning out all 4 filters in the vacuum cleaner to make sure that it’s working well? I need to vacuum the entire house, and soon.” He lovingly obliged (did I mention he got completely covered with dust doing that chore?) and I went on my merry vacuuming way.

Before that I asked for the ladder, so that I could clean the fans and light fixtures. It had been on my mental “to do” list for months, but some reason it needed to happen today. Right now. The house must be clean right now.

(Patient husbands are a gift from the Lord.)

Honestly though, who has their nursery all set up with clothes washed and folded in the dresser drawers by 31 1/2 weeks along? Okay, so maybe with a first child, but what about with their second?



My cousin and my friend have definitely squared away all our baby girl clothes needs, that’s for sure. Thanks for the hand-me-downs! (That happen to all look brand new). And these are just the newborn size. I think there’s something like 50 pairs of socks and 21 sleepers. Didn’t count the onesies but I’m guessing there’s at least 25+. Insane. There will be less laundry happening this time, that’s for sure.


I had hubby raise the crib and I made it up, even though I’ll have to wash the sheets again before she comes in two months. Also crazy. I must like creating more work for myself (*cough cough* … and for my husband).


The ultrasound pics are attached and info is already filled out in her memory book.


Car seat cover is washed and all ready to go ( it’s sitting in the closet, which is why the picture is from a strange angle). I even scrubbed the straps to make sure they’re crystal clean.


Sheets and blankets ready to go. All of the pink linens were bought used for super cheap (the more gender neutral ones are left over from Josh).

Also got two freezer meals done today for after she comes. I have barely enjoyed cooking this pregnancy but (have I mentioned that) the nesting urge is strong! And somehow knowing what to expect helps motivate me as well. Last time I was in pretty good pain for 2-3 weeks after delivery and standing for longer than 5 minutes was a bit of a problem.

By this point in my pregnancy with Josh barely anything had been done. I was in too much pain to tackle projects. So I am thankful and excited to be able to get this kind of stuff done. Of course I don’t want her to come early, but if she does — at least we’ll be prepared!



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4 responses to “Nesting… It’s a Real Thing

  1. Your energy is inspiring! 😉 Glad you are getting it all done. I know how good that feels.

  2. Wow. Your energy is inspiring. I wish you could bottle it and send some my way! Have you washed all her clothes yet? That’s still on my to do list but I didn’t want to do it too early. I

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