Josh’s New Toddler Room

We’re moving Josh into his toddler room soon (hopefully tomorrow!) and I’m really excited about how it turned out. This room used to be the office where my husband spent a lot of time finishing up his thesis. Then it morphed into an exercise/guest room when we purchased a used exercise bike for my husband (the bike has since broken and been given away for free) and we had a twin bed in there also that we left set up after my sister came to visit earlier this year when I was on bed rest. The bed and mattress was my parents so we gave that back to them once I started getting a bit closer to my due date. (Does that sound like nesting to anyone?!)

Of course it was a toddler room done on a budget — nothin’ fancy, with your basic low-end furniture — but it was fun to see it all come together and I’m happy with the result. Although I do feel like my decorating skills are (ahem) lacking somewhat, I still thought I’d be brave and share the details.

Josh's new toddler room.

Josh’s new toddler room.

Josh is no where near being ready for potty training (seeing as he’s barely walking or talking yet) and I really didn’t want to have two diaper changing tables in our house if I could avoid it. I happened to already have the 2×2 cube in this room from when the room was an office (and it was basically not doing anything purposeful — I think my husband had some batteries in one bin and we had paper designated to be shredded in another). When I was at a friend’s house a while back, I saw that she just used a 2×4 cube to put her changing mattress on and was able to buckle it to the cube. She said she wished she had figured that trick out sooner (before her third kid) as it was so multi-functional. So I found a used changing mattress in perfect condition for $5 and decided to go that route.

The curtains are darkening curtains and from Ikea. I think they were $25-$30 for the set. Such a great deal for darkening curtains!


I bought this crib new from Ikea. It was on sale for $69.99, and also converts into a toddler bed. It’s basic in it’s look and design, and I liked that! I’m a little particular about mattresses, so I splurged and bought Ikea’s second most expensive mattress (I think it was $90).  I’ll be transferring over Josh’s crib bumper from his current crib tomorrow since he’s very attached to the ribbon adhering the bumpers to the crib. 😉

The planet decals were bought off of Amazon for $16. I washed the wall with warm water and Lysol before I put the decals up. My husband and I were both thrilled with how it turned out! Each piece (planet, name, star, etc) is a separate sticker. I hope it stays adhered to the wall! Time will tell. My husband loves astronomy and can’t wait to start teaching Josh about it (for the record he would not let me put up Pluto since we now know it’s not a ‘real’ planet anymore).


I think I mentioned this in a previous post, but this was Ikea’s cheapest 3-drawer dresser. I think it was $50. I spent another $12 for the hardware pulls (also from Ikea — probably could have gotten them much cheaper at Walmart) and my hubby drilled holes and screwed them in. He always does a really nice job putting together furniture so the tracks line up really nicely with the drawers. If you haven’t read about it in the news, it’s being recommended that Ikea dressers be adhered to the wall because there have been a number of child deaths from furniture tipping over on them (not necessarily just Ikea furniture). So incredibly sad! My hubby adhered it to the wall last night– glad to have that off of my mind now!

The lamp is leftover from when the room was an office and it also Ikea. It’s more modern and not very toddler-like, so if I see something cheap and cute for sale used I might get that and give this lamp to my sister.


Etsy has some really great Bible verse printables for $5. This one is Psalm 27:1 — you can find it here. It takes about 2 seconds to purchase and print these on your home printer! I bought the frame today at Ikea — I had wanted to find a basic frame for $2, but they didn’t have one in the right size. This one was on sale for $7.


My camera wasn’t cooperating at all here, but this little toddler chair was on sale for $40 on Amazon. When Josh first discovered it in his room he went right in and sat on it and read books for ten minutes! It’s a blue and white gingam pattern. I see pottery barn’s ‘anywhere chair’ for toddlers for sale used all the time, but they are usually pretty dirty/stained and still priced around $40. We’ll see how this one holds up (for the record, this chair has a 75 pound limit and the first thing my husband did when he got home from work was sit down in it while exclaiming “I fit!” So if the chair breaks early we’ll know why, hehe).

The monkey picture and frame were cheap purchases from Ikea–I can’t remember how much they cost but I’m guessing less than $5 for both the print and frame. The Peter Rabbit motif is from his baby shower that his Mimi and Auntie threw for him. The play tent is also from Ikea and was $20. He loves that thing and sits inside it all the time! He especially loves it when we sit in it with him, but it’s getting exceptionally hard to crawl in and out of there being pregnant.

DSC_0004 (2)


This is just a cheap clock I bought at Ikea for $6. I like to know what time it is when it comes to having little ones!


Lastly, just a picture of the bins, also from Ikea. These weren’t cheap ($17 each) but have held up beautifully and were worth the cost. Toddlers do not always feel like being gentle or careful with their belongings!

Thanks for reading and sharing in my excitement about Josh’s new room today! We’ll see how long it looks this clean…


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