30 Week Pregnancy Update, July Events

I will be 30 weeks on Friday. Hooray!
Not much to report other than a growing belly and some trouble sleeping at night (again– due to hot feet and also feeling like I’m suffocating when I lie down). I’ve also felt worn out a lot but have noticed that eating helps me to come back to life a bit. All in all, pretty darn good for pregnancy.
It’s been a busy month. My husband had two weeks off and returned back to work on Monday. My 3 nephews came for a sleepover on Sunday night (which was a blast) and when I took them home I dropped off Josh with them at my parent’s house for his first night away from home. We got to go out to a nice restaurant for dinner and do some maternity clothes shopping afterward at Old Navy (big belly + 100F weather = very small clothing selection). Then we returned home for a very romantic evening of cleaning bathrooms, floors, and the kitchen. πŸ˜‰



We also went to the State Fair which was horribly hot but still a lot of fun. Sadly, we didn’t get to see my parents or my disabled sister much at all because my sister was pretty wound up that day and did much better in a smaller group. Josh tolerated being in the stroller for a few hours and then made it very clear that he was done! He desperately needed a nap and wouldn’t stop crying in the stroller or ergo front pack so we decided to head home. Oh well, at least we got in 3-3.5 hours at the fair!


Still tolerating the stroller at this point.


Not too excited about the carousel.


At the fair.

We’ve also been busy just doing random things with my nephews. Haircuts, playing chess outdoors and the merry-go-round. Swimming daily. I treasure every minute with those kids and love how much they pour into Josh.


My youngest nephew looking pretty unsure about this haircutting business.



And let’s not forget all the wildfires. Between triple-digit degree weather and wind, fires seem to be popping up every couple of days here in Northern California (mainly near my parent’s home where we have been spending lots of time at this month). Thankfully, they are taken care of by our competent firefighters right away. So far I’ve made one call to 911 to report fires, and my sister has called three times. We never assume that someone else has already called.


Fire from today.


Fire from last week.

Lastly here’s my 29 and 3 day prego pic. My belly has grown big time. Someone commented at work last week that I was working “until the bitter end” and he seemed to choke a little when I told him I was only 29 weeks. And then a lady I was chatting with while the kids were getting haircuts almost had her eyes leave their sockets when I told her I had 11 weeks to go. Gosh, not looking forward to the comments by the time I am term. I just have to remember that a precious little girl is growing in there and that our lives will be forever changed when she comes!


29 weeks 3 days.



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3 responses to “30 Week Pregnancy Update, July Events

  1. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer. πŸ™‚ I think you look fab for 30 weeks. Definitely smaller than I was!! Lol.

    • Thanks! I hope you guys are having some summer fun too! Yeah…I think having babies close together definitely makes for a bigger belly! I just need thicker skin to shrug off the negative comments about it. πŸ˜‰

      • I think it does because the muscle doesn’t have time to get back in place fully. But yeah, don’t listen to any negativity. You worked hard for that belly!! πŸ™‚

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