Parvo and the Blubbering Mess

I can’t believe I’m already to 28 weeks. I told my OB yesterday “This pregnancy so far has been a dream compared to my pregnancy with Josh!” Even if the next 12 weeks are completely miserable, it would still overall be better than last time! So thankful for pain free days! Every time I see my sister and mom they marvel over how well I’m feeling this time around. I must have moaned and groaned and cried a lot last time!

I passed my glucose screening test yesterday. Glad to have that behind me. But I have gained 21 pounds so far. 21 pounds!!!! I know, I know, I’m supposed to gain weight; it’s hard work growing a baby, etc, (I’ve heard all your reassuring statements) but it’s a little scary feeling like you have such little control over how much weight you gain. I’m pretty sure I hadn’t gained this much weight with Josh until around 35 weeks. I shudder to think what the scale will say when I get to that point! I would love to have a bigger baby this time around but I also don’t want it to take 9 months to shed the pounds after the baby comes.

Probably a big reason I’m packing on the pounds so well is because I started taking Prilosec for the ridiculous heartburn I was having. I was spending a good portion of the night (every night) sitting up waiting for the fire to die down in my throat, and even a sip of water would keep me up at least two hours. It was getting out of control, despite taking Zantac (I never even bothered with Tums since last time they just made the heartburn worse). So I started the Prilosec and I am doing great on it! I can even drink coffee if I want to! I don’t know how long it will keep working (with Josh it worked for a limited amount of time), but I can say that I’m enjoying not having heartburn very much these day (and also better sleep).

One of my nephews came down with Parvovirus a few weeks ago (aka “Fifth’s Disease” — in children it leaves a classic rash on the cheeks and then the trunk of the body following a mild cold and fever…  it’s also not to be confused with the Parvovirus that dogs get, which is an entirely different virus). Anyhow, of course I have been around my nephews almost daily since they arrived in early July, and it wouldn’t really matter if one of them had the bubonic plague — I would be there because I don’t get to see them much (they normally live in Papua New Guinea) and they’re great kids and I love them to pieces. So, I didn’t think anything about the Parvovirus (following a quick google search of it’s effect on pregnant women) and to be honest I had already been unknowingly exposed to it since we didn’t know my nephew had it until he got the rash.

The problem with the virus is that the cold and rash do not follow each other quickly. The rash can follow weeks after the cold. And by the time the rash hits, most are not contagious anymore. So most people think they just have a mild cold and never suspect Parvovirus until the rash shows up (which was quite bad on my nephew and caused a bit of discomfort for many days, poor kiddo).

I found that most adults are already immune to the virus, as it’s easily spread through children, so most get it in their childhood. But when I came down with a fever, chills, joint aches, and a massive headache about a week and a half ago and was sick for 2 days (not long), I suspected that I had caught Parvovirus from my nephew (no one else I knew was or had been sick). After further research (i.e. by reading medical journals — this wasn’t info I found easily) I discovered that this was something I needed to let my OB know about after all. She responded by saying that it was likely I was already immune to the virus, but that if I wasn’t immune there was a potential for the baby to get an infection from it which could cause severe anemia to the baby– which would buy me extra ultrasounds and monitoring to make sure baby was okay. So she had me go to the lab that day and get labs drawn — a CBC, and a Parvo IgG and IgM to check for prior immunity and current immune response to Parvo. My labs came back saying I had old immunity to Parvo (yay!) and a tiny bit of new immune response to the virus (which was confusing, considering I had prior immunity – but I guess it could either be nothing or it could mean my body didn’t fight off a new infection). In any case, I have to get the same labs drawn again on Wednesday because my OB said it could take a while for the current immune response to show up. But neither of us are feeling worried about it and I’m heavily suspecting that the fact that I had been exposed to the virus in the past will mean that my labs will show no new current infection next week.

Even though I’m not worried about the Parvo ordeal, my emotions have been all over the place lately. Pregnancy hormones are driving me crazy! I find myself crying over the dumbest stuff. For instance, our routine most nights is that my husband will give Josh his milk while reading stories, and when Josh has finished his milk, my husband will call for me and I’ll take Josh to brush his teeth and then put him to bed. Well, I wasn’t within earshot when Josh finished his milk, and my husband kept calling for me but I was obviously not responding because I couldn’t hear him. Josh started to cry when I didn’t come and was practically besides himself in tears by the time I realized that it was “teeth brushing time.” A little later after brushing teeth, as Josh had his head on my shoulder and I rocked him in his dark, quiet room for a few minutes, I couldn’t help but tear up thinking about how much this little boy needs me and depends on me, and how much it had affected him when I wasn’t there at a time when I usually was. It’s something I normally would have been merely surprised at, but being seven months pregnant it happened to bring some tears to my eyes and still makes me sad just thinking about it.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget to mention me having to give Josh back blows last night at my parents house because he choked on something while he was in the high chair. His lips turned blue, which got me up and moving quickly. Yes, it ended up not being a big deal and he was fine (praise God), but I was fighting back tears after that, too (mainly at the thought of what would have happened if I couldn’t have gotten the lodged food out of his trachea). I obviously can’t think about scenarios like that right now! I’m so annoyed that I’m an emotional wreck these days. (And don’t even get me started about how I cried like a baby while watching the movie “Inside Out.” I think my cry-fest was more entertaining to my husband than the movie…) I could go on with more examples like these but I’ll just leave it at that for now. 😉

So there you have it. A potentially Parvo-infected-cry-baby pregnant lady in her 7th month… but who is overall having a great pregnancy so far! 

28 weeks. Check out my super glamorous $30 ring from Walmart, which is the only ring that fits these days.

28 weeks with baby#2. Check out my super glamorous $30 ring from Walmart, which is the only ring that fits these days.



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2 responses to “Parvo and the Blubbering Mess

  1. That’s a beautiful bump! You look great friend…try to rest in that 🙂 I think our bodies just have a sense of what we need with each pregnancy, each baby, each new venture into motherhood…. Wish we could sit down to coffee (yay that you can drink it again!) and just chat.

    • Thanks friend! I’m trying not to freak out about the weight gain. 😉 I wish we could chat over coffee as well! I’ve always wanted to move to CO….

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