Miracles Do Happen!

Today’s events:

5:45am- wake up. Remember today is the day. Wish I could roll over and forget all about it.
7:15am- Get blood drawn. Notice that I am the only person under 55 in the waiting room that early in the morning.
9-10am- Take nap, feeling rather depressed.
10:30am- Plan some fun things for the day to “cheer” myself up when I get the bad news that I’m not pregnant.
11am- Not sure if I will follow through on any of those fun things, after all I feel like crying.
11:30- work up the nerve to call Kaiser’s appointment line and request my lab result.
11:33- Conversation with the Kaiser lady:

Me: “Um hi. I’m calling to get my lab results from this morning. An hcg test.”
Lady: (After questioning me several times to verify my identity.) “Which test did you say?”
Me: “Maybe I called too soon. It’s a beta hcg test. A pregnancy test.”
Lady: [Pauses] … “Oh yes, I see it here.”
Me: [Feeling suddenly stricken by panic] “Ohhh. The results are back, huh?” [As I’m thinking please just tell me it’s negative and then I can go on with my life!]

Lady: “It’s 20.”


Me: “Wait. Did you say 20?”
Lady: “Well, yes. It says here 20.”

——–Burst into tears———

Me: “I’m pregnant!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!”

(After I hung up with the Kaiser lady I got to call first hubby at work and give him the good news. He was completely shocked, just as I was!)

God worked a miracle and we are overjoyed. My beta is a low number, but it’s right on target for how early my test was (6dp6dt).

Thank you all who prayed and begged God on our behalf for this pregnancy. He has truly done a miracle!

On Wednesday I have to get my level tested again and make sure that it’s rising appropriately. These are very early days, and it scares me some to be vulnerable with you all in case we end up losing the baby. But it’s worth it, because how can you pray if you do not know of needs?

Thank you for your love and support.



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14 responses to “Miracles Do Happen!

  1. Congratulations!! I was so worried after your last post but this is amazing! 🙂 Enjoy this time as I’m sure you will. I am just so very very happy for you and wish you all the best for Wednesday and the next 9 months.

  2. Oh friend! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crystal Davis

    So so happy for you. So blessed by your vulnerability and your acknowledgement of the presence of a baby so early on. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Crystal. Now that it is looking like we are going to lose the baby, writing on this blog has gotten to a new level of hard for me. But I guess this is real life stuff, and something many women grieve and struggle through alone.

  4. Alisse

    The power of prayer is unmeasurable! I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you and your family as well! I’m so happy for you! That’s wonderful news! What a great thanksgiving gift; God is good!

  5. Any updates friend? I know this is a crazy season, but I keep checking to see if you have posted anything new. Hugs!

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