One Week to Go!

Our FET is just one week away!

I’m sort of a nervous, excited wreck as I look longingly at maternity clothes at the store and then shudder with fear when I see all the leftover heartburn medicines sitting on our cabinet shelf… then back again to excited when I sadly boxed up Josh’s tiny newborn clothes; only to be mortified when a new adhesion pain develops in my abdomen and persists for days.

So here’s a recap and update:

–I emailed my RE last Thursday and complained again of the incessant headaches (I already wrote about that). He wrote me back and said it was most likely NOT from the levothyroxine (thyroid meds), but that I could stop it if I wanted to.

–I prayed about stopping it, and some of you prayed for me as well. 🙂 I asked my husband what he thought. His immediate response: “STOP IT IF YOU CAN!” Result: I stopped it. My last dose was Thursday night.

–Saturday was a HORRIBLE day with a migraine and overall weakness. Hard to describe how weird I felt. It was hard to sit and just fold laundry. I figured it was my body adjusting to coming off of the thyroid meds. I went into a catatonic state and went to bed at 8 pm, and then slept for 13 hours (after napping a lot during the day).

–Sunday I was 95% back to normal. No headache! Cautiously optimistic.

–Monday, NO HEADACHE! It’s been 5 1/2 weeks of constant headaches, I’m was beyond excited!

–Today, again NO headache! I told my RE I must have been allergic to the thyroid medicine. I had offered previously to switch to a name brand (instead of the generic) but he was insistent that it couldn’t possibly be the cause of my headaches. Weeks later, he agreed it must have been the thyroid meds after all. To be honest, I have much more energy OFF the medicine and plan to never interfere again with something that is already working just fine! (Lesson learned.)

–I went in to get my estrogen levels checked and the thickness of my lining monitored. Labs aren’t back yet, but my lining is good to go at 11.2 mm (my RE wants anything over 8 mm). When I got pregnant with Josh my lining was at 10.7 mm. Tomorrow night I start progesterone injections. Yippee!

–Next Tuesday is the day! Embryo transfer! Even though this has felt like a very loooong 5 1/2 weeks, I’m still amazed that it’s almost here!

–I have no false reassurance that I’ll get pregnant this time around, just because I got pregnant last time. These sorts of things fail all the time. But I have such a heart to want to know and mother these little embryo babies. I will be (and have been) crying out to God to hear my prayers. Thank you, if you are praying on my behalf!

Well, that ended up being longer than I thought. Now off to a day of giggles, babbling, kicking, and psuedo-crawling with the little guy. And a picture, just for fun. 🙂




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6 responses to “One Week to Go!

  1. Anonymous

    He looks like he is not quite sure if he wants competition for mom’s attention!

  2. So cute!! I can’t believe you are down to just a week until transfer. Such a great lining too. 🙂

  3. Oh, friend. My husband and I were laying in bed last night talking about this journey ahead of us again one day when he finishes school and we can afford IVF again. We also talked about you. Know you are loved and I’m earnestly hoping for pregnancy THIS round. Hugs! (Oh, and I don’t envy injections again)

    • Aww I would so love it if we could be pregnant together again! Who knows, maybe the Lord will provide the funds sooner? We expected to have to wait much longer to be able to afford our FET but my husband got an unexpected bonus at work. Looking back, it came at just the right time. Hope you are enjoying these days with your sweet little Abby-girl!

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