Less Than A Month To Go

My medications came for the embryo transfer! Not sure if I feel more excitement…or dread? Those 1- 1/4 inch IM needles get a little old after a while!

Anyhow, here’s a comparison between FET meds and IVF meds:

FET meds

FET meds 

IVF meds

IVF meds (from last summer)

Last year, when my IVF meds arrived, I was pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of medications and spent a good part of the day going through everything and figuring out which syringes went with which needles, etc, as well as when to start/stop each medication. Today, when my FET meds came, it was more like, “They’re here! Great. I’ll go through those some other time.” Lol.

There isn’t too much news here. Our embryo transfer is scheduled for roughly 11/18, depending on how my uterine lining looks (if it’s thick enough) and what my estrogen levels are at. I take my last birth control in a couple of days (hallelujah!) and start lupron injections Friday. The lupron injections will continue to suppress my ovaries and make sure I don’t ovulate (which would throw off the timing of the embryo transfer).

Thankfully, the migraines have subsided. Those went away sometime last week. My TSH didn’t go down on the thyroid medication, however, so my RE (my IVF dr, a reproductive endocrinologist) tripled my dosage. I felt decent for about ONE day. The following day I felt like I had been drugged — I became suddenly weak, light headed and foggy. I also could not resist sleep! (This happened right before we were having company over — of course!). And every afternoon since then, I have felt the same, although to a lesser degree. I’ve done a ton of research on levothyroxine, timing and strength of dosage, and I’ve also talked to the IVF nurse about it. Her opinion is that my body just needs more time to adjust to the medication. From what I’ve read, she may be right. But I also feel that I may be overdosed as well. In any case, I’m supposed to go down on my dosage tomorrow and get labs checked Saturday (including antibodies to make sure I don’t have Hashimoto’s). Hopefully time will tell what’s going on!

I’ve dialed back a lot of my life to get through this time. “Not feeling well” has been the theme for me these past 22 days. In the grand scheme of things, it’s totally worth it! But also hard to get the day-to-day stuff done and to be a good mom to Josh. Thankfully, I feel pretty good most mornings!

I’ll try to keep you updated through this process. Thanks so everyone who has email or texted to inquire how things have been going! I sure do appreciate your prayers!



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5 responses to “Less Than A Month To Go

  1. Wow, it’s so close! I hope you feel better soon. 🙂

  2. Hoping you feel better soon and praying for you right now. xo

  3. Sorry you have felt so sick. . . hope you feel better soon!! Love following along in your journey. And I can say from experience, those FET needles are no joke!!

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