Burlap Wreath Craziness

I’ve been obsessed with wreaths this fall. I have no idea why or where this obsession came from! One day I just decided we needed a fall wreath for our door. I began to look on Etsy shops for a wreath to buy and found some really cute burlaps wreaths, but didn’t want to pay the higher prices or shipping costs (I’m cheap!). I don’t consider myself a “crafty” person by any measure, but I figured I could follow something simple! So far I’ve made 4 wreaths — one for our door, one for a friend, and two for Christmas presents for some of my family members. Take a look!


I found the idea for this wreath on SixSistersStuff’s website. You can read more on the “how to” on their blog. They have some easy and cute ideas. I bought the burlap at Joann’s as well as those big flowers, which actually come on clips that adhere easily to the burlap.


I used a foam wreath and cut tons of 3 inch x 3 inch squares of burlap, folded them twice, and pinned each of them on the foam. It was a lot of work to cut the burlap, but it was really easy to pin the squares on. I learned how to make bows after I made this wreath. I think I might re-do the bow!


The next wreath I made was almost the same (I had bought 2 yards of burlap for the first wreath and had plenty left over so I made a second wreath out of the material) except it was bigger with different flowers. I didn’t like my first bow so I left that out this time.


Again, these flowers just clip on and are $2 each at Joann’s (although I think they may have been 50% off the day I was there, so only $1 each!)


The finished product. This took me about 2.5 hours to make.

Next I decided to try something less finicky than cutting out tons of burlap squares. I watched a DIY video (2 minutes long) and learned to weave burlap through a wire wreath (which is extremely simple, by the way!).


I bought pre-cut burlap rolls at Michael’s (which happened to be 50% off — $3.50 a roll each — SCORE!), and as I wanted to make two, I bought one for each wreath. The green burlap I bought was also pre-cut, and I think $2.50 for the roll. It was just enough to make the bows for both wreaths. The silk flowers were probably the most expensive part — I bought two pieces and they were $4 and $7 each.

I wanted to make a “spring” wreath for my family members (since they will be receiving the wreaths for Christmas) and this is what I came up with:


Weaving the burlap in the wire frames took me about 45 minutes the first time, and probably 20-30 minutes the second time. I secured the burlap with wire the first time, and ended up sewing the bow in. I secured the silk flowers in with the clip on the big white flower directly onto the metal frame. It was EASY!


I made this one this morning during Josh’s nap and decided to pull out the hot glue gun and leave the needle and thread alone. That ended up saving me loads more time! I didn’t use any wire, except for the bow. (You can learn how to make those here, also easy!)

I’ll probably make more wreaths in the meantime. It’s a great way to make gifts for people, without too much expense!



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5 responses to “Burlap Wreath Craziness

  1. I love this! The last one is my favorite. I might steal your idea and make some of these for Christmas too. 🙂 I love doing handmade crafts for presents. I like the thought that goes into it.

    • Thanks! I love homemade gifts too. I remember your post (was that from last year?) of all the gifts you made for Christmas. It inspired me at the time!

      • Haha! Yeah that was last year. You have a good memory! 🙂 I am running out of ideas though so this looks fun, fairly easy, affordable and best of all – I think they are gorgeous!

  2. Oh that last one is my favorite!

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