Update on Upcoming FET

I thought I might as well give another update. I found out a few days ago that the FET will take more like 7 weeks instead of 5. I think it’s basically a scheduling thing with my infertility clinic due to the fact that they only do embryo transfers on certain weeks of the month and they try to get as many people on the same schedule as possible to make their lives simpler.

I finally started on birth control 3 nights ago to start regulating my hormones and prevent ovulation. I’ll be on that for another 21 days and then have to go through another period. Out of all of the medicines I have to take, birth control pills are my least favorite. I woke up extremely nauseous 3 nights ago from it and felt lousy all day, and I’m up again feeling nauseous tonight (it’s 4:30 am).

My thyroid level (TSH) was retested and came back at 2.6. I thought I was pretty much in the clear, since my RE’s cut off is 2.5,  but he had me start on levothyroxine. So far that that has been okay, but it has completely diminished my appetite. I’m on a low dosage (25 mcg) and will get my level checked again in 2 weeks.

The embryo transfer is scheduled for 11/18. Feels really far away right now! I have a saline infusion sonogram (SIS) scheduled for Tuesday. This is a procedure where they will inject sterile saline into my uterus and use ultrasound to look for any polyps, fibroids, or anything else that might get in the way of an embryo implanting. I’m sure I had this done last year when we went through IVF, but I don’t remember it! I have to take 5 days of antibiotics for it and they told me to take 800 mg Ibuprofen prior to the procedure as it can be painful.

Right I’m praying that I can remain sane on the birth control pills. They make me a little crazy. My husband says my ability to deal with conflict on birth control is pretty bad, and I tend to agree. I have a hard time shaking off disappointments when I’m on it. I thought I would only have to take it for 8-9 days like last time, but it will be longer. Thankfully it is just for a short season!






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