4 Month Update

So Josh is not officially 4 months old yet — he’s still got 3 days to go. But as a rather non-punctual blogger, I figure I’m close enough! The months are passing by at an alarmingly speedy rate, and I find myself in a bittersweet mode. I look back at Josh’s newborn pictures and already miss those sweet, sleep deprived days. To see pictures of his tiny body, to remember how I fretted over how much milk he was getting and whether he was warm enough or not. Four months later there are new worries and equally new delights– all to be processed in due time. Each stage is a gift, a truly wonderful gift that I never thought I’d be able to watch unfold. There is rarely a day that goes by when I don’t look down into my son’s bright blue eyes, his big smile beaming back at me, and a few tears of overwhelming gratefulness fill my eyes. I love being Josh’s mommy.

Love this little guy!

Love this little guy!

The latest news with Josh is that he’s teething. Last night he cried loudly for what seemed like an eternity until I finally figured out what was going on. Upset tummy? Maybe, but I was guessing not. Still learning to sleep without being swaddled? That didn’t seem like it was it, either. Plus, he slept 8 hours the night before un-swaddled. Hungry? Offered him more milk but he wasn’t that interested. Hmm. So what kept waking this kid up out of a deep sleep to loud, sad, cries? Ah yes, that rough object in his mouth trying to break it’s way out of his gum! Teething! Not fun stuff. I gave the poor kid some tylenol and he fell asleep not too long after and slept for 6 hours. I’m planning on heading out to the store today to beef up my non-existent collection of teething helpers for babies. If you have advice to offer in this subject, please do share!

Just a "hunch" this kid's popping some teeth ;)

Just a “hunch” this kid’s popping some teeth 😉

This is NOT a picture of what Josh looked like from 8pm-11pm last night!

This is NOT a picture of what Josh looked like from 8pm – 11pm last night!


Josh also rolled over recently! I was wondering if he was E-V-E-R going to roll over, to be honest. The kid still hates tummy time with a passion. I tried all the tricks of the trade to get him to like it, and it’s just not happening. But he did roll over at Grandma’s the other night for the first time while he was on his belly, and it was a real treat because Grandma and Grandpa were right there to witness it! There was a lot of happy cheering. He rolled over again the first thing the next morning but hasn’t rolled since, so we’re still trying to figure out if it was a fluke or not.

Josh still remains pretty mellow. Numerous people have commented on it! We took a day trip to the beach last week and Josh slept the entire time in the car (2.5 hours) plus the entire time in the front pack (3 hours) plus the drive home. He pretty much slept all day! And at the 4th of July party at my parent’s house, he happily got passed around from person to person and smiled and babbled most of the day except when he was napping. He’s such a great little baby!

On our adventure to the coast. About to start our 4 mile hike with Josh in the front pack. The hat lasted about 5 minutes, tops (still too big for him).

On our adventure to the coast. About to start our 4 mile hike with Josh in the front pack. The hat lasted about 5 minutes, tops (still too big for him).

Josh's first trip to the ocean! He's a little unsure about it...

Josh’s first trip to the ocean! He’s a little unsure about it…

But it's a great excuse for mommy to pull out her nice camera.

But it’s a great excuse for mommy to pull out her nice camera.

It was really bright and windy. (Did I mention that it was really windy?!) We didn't last too long on the beach. Maybe next time!

It was really bright and windy. (Did I mention that it was really windy?!) We didn’t last too long on the beach. Maybe next time!

I did finally brave an entire shift at work. 14 hours is a long time to be away from your baby. The night before I had trouble sleeping and only slept 3 hours. As I headed out the door I thought to myself, “You’re not off to a very good start!” But the day actually went okay. Grandma came and babysat and updated me with pictures and texts throughout the day, which I LOVED.  She took Josh on a walk in the stroller and gave him a bath and spent lots of time playing with our little guy. It sure did bless my heart knowing that he was in good hands while I was gone! The hardest part of the day was trying to get out to pump and still have time to eat and drink enough water. By the time I got home I could tell my milk supply had dropped off a bit and to be honest I don’t feel like it’s really recovered since then despite my attempts to get it back up.

Josh gets his 4 month vaccines next week. I’m anxious to get those vaccines in as there’s a whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic going around right now. He has some immunity from the Tdap shot I got when I was pregnant and from his 2 month vaccinations but still does not have full coverage. Having seen this destructive disease firsthand in the hospital, it is one disease I do not want my son to get.

We will be skipping out on my family’s annual camping trip this month. I confess I’m really sad about that! I love camping. Maybe next year we’ll go. I have lots of friends who brave camping with their tiny newborns and sail right through it and even have a great time. I guess we’re just not brave enough–at least not yet, even though Josh is 4 months and 13 pounds! Last year when we went camping I was just 6 weeks pregnant and filled with such hope and excitement (not to mention a little nausea)! Such fond memories for me. I hope we can create many more good memories camping as a family in the years to come when Josh is a little older!







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9 responses to “4 Month Update

  1. Love your updates! So quick question…Abby still hates tummy time and I rarely brave it due to the screaming, certainly not more than a couple of minutes maybe once or twice a day. How much are you doing tummy time even though josh doesn’t like it either? I’m despairing of her ability to roll over or crawl

    • Hi Lauren! Glad it’s just not us with this issue (seems like all my friend’s babies love tummy time). I try to get Josh on his tummy 4 times a day, usually during his happiest times (which is right after eating). I do let him cry for a while too. I know crying won’t hurt him! Slowly but surely, even though he still cries as loud as ever, I have seen him make progress developmentally. Maybe one of these days he’ll decide he actually likes tummy time. Good luck! Hope things are going well for you!

      • It is nice to not be alone! I need to be braver and just force the issue 🙂 ah…parenting a baby!

      • I know! I’m thankful for your blog. I find myself faced with worry often. I have to remind myself that in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter that much 🙂

  2. I keep looking back on the newborn months and even the more recent months and wishing them back. I have done this ever since Tru was just a couple weeks old. I have to be careful to remind myself to enjoy right now because soon enough, I will be wishing it back!
    Love all the pictures btw. He’s really getting big! Looks just precious. 🙂

  3. Oh, just a thought, I told my pediatrician that Tru hated tummy time and she said “Why do it then? I had 7 kids and if they didn’t like it I didn’t make them do it.” So, I stopped trying because it was just too stressful and she was right. He learned to roll and crawl right on target. Maybe just a few weeks late on rolling but every baby is different anyways.

    • Well I had heard that kids actually weren’t crawling as much these days (because of a lack of tummy time) and were skipping right to walking. The main motivator for me though is actually Josh’s incredibly flat head in the back! It looks awful! Only temporary though… (hopefully, lol)

      • Yeah I started to notice that a bit with Tru. It does go away once they are crawling and stuff. I have heard that too about babies skipping crawling. I really didn’t want to miss out on that! I love watching Tru crawl around!

      • Me neither! I can’t wait for Josh to learn to crawl! People are always talking like it’s a bad thing… “Just wait until he learns to crawl; he’ll be into everything.” I love it when he learns new things though 🙂

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