A Full Heart

I have about five minutes to write today, so this will be brief. But my heart is full. Achingly, wonderfully, full. I am enjoying these days with Josh so much. As I sat with Josh on my lap last night, I told my hubby how I never expected to enjoy being a stay at home mom so much. (Yes, I have been back to work, but it’s been extremely minimal and doesn’t really count!) I love planning activities with my boy and spending time with him. Even though his greatest response right now is a big grin, waving arms and kicking legs with a few coos here and there, my heart is delighted.



It makes me glad that we went through all we did to have children. It makes sense now why the tears would not stop when we were told my disease would prohibit us from conceiving without drastic measures. Children are such a blessing, such a show-stopper gift. And I am grateful. Thank you Jesus for blessing us in this way!




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