11 Weeks Old. Where Has the Time Gone?

Josh turned 11 weeks old, and the days are flying by! I know it’s kind of a strange time to write an update. Some moms blog every week or every month, and I guess I just don’t have it together enough to be organized like that. But there’s so many things I want to remember about this time, and I thought that posting some of those details here would help me to remember in the days to come.


I decided to write my own categories for describing Josh as of late:

Personality: Trying to sum up this growing baby of mine is hard to do in a few words. Some might describe their babies as busy, fussy, happy, or perhaps rambunctious. Josh is perhaps a little of all these things depending on the day and time, but overall what I have observed in this little boy over the past weeks is watchfulness. As soon as he started to notice the world around him, he’s content to look quietly, to watch and notice the little details in his world. I can place him in his rock n play sleeper and move it to various places around the house and outside, and this little boy will quietly sit there and look around, sometimes for hours.

Just looking around...

Just looking around…

Measurements & Clothing: Joshua is almost 12 pounds (via our home scale). He is in 0-3 month clothing and has outgrown all of his newborn clothing except for a lightweight sweatshirt I put on him during some of our cooler morning walks. He’s in size 1 diapers and probably will be wearing them at least another 4-6 weeks.

Feeding: Josh remains on a fairly consistent schedule as he eats every 2  1/2 – 3 hours during the day (breast milk only, usually nursing but sometimes with a bottle of pumped milk). At night I nurse him around 10:30 and let him sleep as long as he’ll go (which is usually not that long, 3-4 hours). He usually wants one or two more feedings during the night. I do pump and give him a bottle occasionally so that he will be used to that when I return to work. At the very minimum, he gets a bottle with half an ounce of breast milk mixed with his probiotic and vitamin D supplement before or after nursing once a day.

Multitasking: Smiling while eating

Multitasking: Smiling while eating

Sleep: This has been one of the hardest things for me to figure out with this little guy! Why, oh why? do some (most, I hear) babies have to be ‘taught’ to sleep at night? They learn to suck while they are still in the womb but sleeping at night? It’s just not that easy for us. We do have one thing going well, and that’s a set bedtime every night which is between 6:30-7 pm. Josh made this easy for us to set, because he started melting down in the afternoons and I finally figured out that the poor kid just wanted to get some sleep. He’ll sleep as long as 7.5 hours after that point, but usually 5-6. However, after that chunk of sleep, Josh seems to wake up every 1-3 hours, occasionally 4. So some friends of mine suggested waking him up for a final feeding somewhere around 10 pm, to help him switch his long-sleeping time from 7 pm-1 am to 10 pm until ? So far it’s been pretty hard to wake him up for that 10 pm feeding, even with diaper changes and playing with him. The kid just wants to sleep! And it’s only lengthened his subsequent sleep time by about an hour. So, not sure if we’ll stick with it or not. All I know is, if I ever get this boy to sleep all night I will be celebrating the next day!

"Please mom, let me sleep!"

“Please mom, let me sleep!”

Likes & Dislikes: First I’ll actually start with loves. Josh LOVES to be held and he loves stroller rides! He also loves being in the front pack (I use an Ergo carrier) which I use occasionally for walks, church, and for strolling around a store if their carts are too small for his car seat. He likes gnawing on his fists, his pacifier, bath time now and playing, but he has to be in the right mood to last long on the play mat. But he has been known to play for as long as 45 minutes or so. As far as dislikes go, he doesn’t like sudden loud noises and he doesn’t really love being on his tummy, which makes working on “tummy time” to strengthen his neck a bit of a challenge.

"My fists are so amazing!"

“My fists are so amazing!”

Pretending to like that tummy time for all of about 12 seconds.

Pretending to like that tummy time for all of about 12 seconds.

Mommy is happy that bath time is no longer a long crying event!

Mommy is happy that bath time is no longer a long crying event!

Health: When Josh was born, he had bilaterally blocked tear ducts. After two rounds of antibiotic drops for his eyes and around the clock warm compresses, the ducts finally opened on their own. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but probably about 5 weeks ago. He also had a weird case of cradle cap, which didn’t present as yellow flakes on his scalp in the usual manner but in small red areas on his face, ears and a few places on his scalp. The areas were also pretty dry. I emailed the pediatrician about it and sent a picture along, and he told me to apply hydrocortisone 1% on the red areas twice a day. I did, and it cleared up within one or two applications of the stuff! Eventually, the cradle cap (along with a nasty case of infant acne) cleared up on it’s own and his skin looks great again. For a while there I was concerned that he was getting eczema, and so far I’m glad that this is not the case. As for the colic, it’s a lot better, but he still struggles with it, especially during the later night hours. I’m still avoiding dairy and giving the probiotics, as well as occasionally gas drops. I’m really hoping it will resolve completely on it’s own by the time he is 4 months old, as most cases do.

Work: I planned to go back to work very minimally but still haven’t taken the plunge. I know breast feeding mothers return to work and keep pumping without problems all the time. But it just doesn’t seem that simple for me. I don’t have a ton of milk, just enough really. I worry about my supply dropping if I can’t get out to pump (or even if I do pump). But even if I had a ton of milk, things could still be complicated because although I wouldn’t be so worried about losing my milk supply,  I’d be concerned about getting mastitis. So basically, it just comes down to me stopping the dithering and starting the working. I guess my reluctance in this area reveals how important nursing Josh must be to me!

Summary: These are sweet, wonderful days. The nights can be challenging, but when this little boy of mine smiles up at me and coos it makes being up a little less painful. I feel incredibly blessed to be raising this little boy. May God give me wisdom and grace to do it well.



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  1. enjoy those cuddles while you can. At almost 8 months, Tru wants nothing to do with snuggling me any more. 😦
    Josh is a real cutie. 😉 So glad everything is going so well with you all.

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