2-Month Update & Mother’s day Recap

Mother’s Day is behind us for another year. I can’t help but feel relieved it’s over! We went with my parents to their church this year and then celebrated at their house. As we were driving away from their church, I was telling my husband, “Even though I was standing there with Joshua in the front pack, there was so much emphasis on it being “Mother’s Day” that I couldn’t help but just think of the women in the service who had lost a child, or their mothers, or who were in the same shoes as me last year.” And there are so many other reasons why this holiday could be little more than a painful reminder of this fallen world we live in and relationships we wish we had, or were different, etc. On a personal note, I guess I thought it’d be different this year– now that Joshua is here– but in reality I think I still have some PTSD left over from years past.

Church service aside, it was a wonderful day. As we were scrambling to get out the door and make the hour long drive to my parent’s church, hubby gave me a gift and a card. His card was so incredibly thoughtful, it made me cry. He thanked God for being ‘generous’ with us by giving us Joshua. I cried because our God is so incredibly generous. When I opened up the gift from my hubby I found a beautiful necklace with the initial “E” on it for my name. I absolutely love it!


After the church service we went over to my parents for a mother’s day brunch followed by an early dinner so that my sister (who was working) could be there for the latter part of the day and not miss it all. We ate a LOT of good food that day! Some of the festivities that day included my dad setting the barbecue on fire on accident (amazingly enough I think it actually made the Tri-tip taste even better), me mowing my parents grass for almost two hours and almost running over seven bunnies (they were baby jackrabbits–I guess they didn’t get the memo that a big loud riding lawn mower coming their way = RUN AWAY!), and of course lots of playing with Joshua. My mom will take every moment she gets to snuggle with him, which is why I was able to get outside and do some yard work on their property.

2014-05-11 14.24.54

My mom with Joshua.

My mom with Joshua.

In other news, Joshua got his 2-month vaccines on Monday. He did great and wasn’t even very fussy that afternoon or evening. No fever either, which I was thankful for. He weighed in at 11 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 21 3/4 inches long. He was in the 17th percentile for weight and in the 87th percentile for his head circumference (we weren’t surprised by that one–he takes after his daddy!).

Joshua’s world has expanded a lot lately as he is very aware of his surroundings now and smiles frequently. Those smiles sure do make getting up at 0’dark thirty to nurse him a lot more fun! He is also awake for much longer periods during the day time.

Joshua had a busy week last week as we made two out of town trips to see a friend visiting from Oregon and another trip to Northern California to see a good friend who still hadn’t been able to meet him yet. For both trips he slept the entire time in the car–this mommy was incredibly thankful for that!

Joshua’s colic has been getting better. I did start him on baby probiotics (as well as cutting out dairy completely since he was 2 weeks old) and noticed an improvement about 4 days after starting the probiotics. I had also tried gripe water and gas drops but neither seemed to do very much.

Aside from walking/jogging with friends and visiting with family and friends, our days are pretty uncomplicated. I am loving being home with Joshua and getting to spend so much time with him. I plan to go back to work very minimally soon. In my line of work, the longer you don’t work, the more nervous you become when you do return. I worked only 6 hours in January and only a few shifts in December, so I am feeling very rusty, to say the least! Hopefully it will all come back to me. Thankfully Joshua doesn’t mind taking the bottle and I’ve got plenty of breast milk stored up in our chest freezer in the garage, so being gone for the better part of a day shouldn’t present any big problems.

And here’s some pictures from the past week or two…






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3 responses to “2-Month Update & Mother’s day Recap

  1. He is just sooo adorable! And I felt similarly in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. It has been such a hard day, specifically last year. So good to hear from you and know you are doing well 🙂 on a different note, what type of probiotic are you using?

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