36 Weeks

Everyone keeps saying “how small I look” for how far along I’ve come, and my sister (who lives overseas) even dredged up some of her old maternity pictures from eleven years ago to prove it.  Yeah, her belly was bigger, but she was a month ahead of me! (I told her I still had thirty days to pack the pounds on). And I certainly don’t feel small when my husband has to help me get up out of bed, off the sofa, and sometimes even out of the car. In fact, just rolling over in bed feels like a mammoth-sized task (but this is probably more so because it hurts). There are also times when my husband will come home from work and exclaim “Your belly is getting HUGE!” (I would have been insulted if I hadn’t just been thinking the exact same thing.)

Anyhow, I enjoy it when other bloggers post updates and pictures of this sort of thing, so here’s my 36 week picture. I’m living in yoga pants these days because the bands around my jeans feel too tight against my tummy!

36 weeks 1 day.

36 weeks 1 day.


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