I thought we might have a Valentines Baby

I just can’t keep myself away from L&D, apparently. I must secretly love that place! Yes, I had trip #3 to L&D  yesterday. Because two trips wasn’t enough already. I need to get to know all the nurses and doctors before I have this baby, I guess!

The past few days have been filled with braxton hicks contractions. In fact, a couple of nights ago I was up with nausea and contractions every ten minutes or so. I had them on and off the next day, which is pretty standard. But then yesterday morning, while lying in bed, I realized that I was having pretty regular contractions so I got out of bed and started timing them. Every 2-5 minutes. They came with nausea, cramping, and abdominal tightening. I changed up my activities and drank water. Took a shower, tried walking around, laying down… but it didn’t matter, the contractions kept up with regular frequency. I called the OB advice nurse (because, hey, who wants to make another unnecessary trip to L&D? NOT me!) The advice nurse made a really big deal about the contractions and made me promise I would get to the hospital ASAP and that I wouldn’t drive myself. She made it sound like I was going to have the baby at home if I didn’t scoot to the hospital right away. I tried to explain that the contractions weren’t really increasing in intensity, which was why I was calling to get her opinion, but that seemed to make no difference to her. So I hung up the phone and called my neighbor, since hubby was 40 minutes away at work. My wonderful neighbor agreed to take me to the hospital and said she’d be right over and I called the hubs to let him know to come meet me at the hospital. My neighbor picked me up about 5 minutes later, and off we went.

I got to the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitor and… you guessed it– no more regular contractions. That’s right. After steady, consistent contractions for 3 hours, I had a grand total of 3 contractions while lying there on the hospital bed. They checked me– my cervix was still VERY closed and baby still VERY high. I wasn’t even close to being ready to have this baby! They did find a yeast infection and said that was likely the cause of the contractions (pretty strange to be told you have an infection when you don’t have any symptoms).

We left the hospital and I felt disappointed. I was mentally prepared to meet our son. I even took our hospital bag with his little outfits and hats in them. Even so, I’m glad he’ll have more time to grow and avoid some time in the NICU. Still, false labor is the pits. I guess next time I’ll wait it out at home until I either can’t walk or can’t talk from the pain… then maybe it’ll actually be the real thing!


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  1. Oh, I’m so glad that you aren’t in the NICU. You and me both need to stay away! LOL. Still, I know you are much closer, and it could be anytime now. Sorry for the false alarms, but I’ve heard that those can be very encouraging that your body is preparing for labor and figuring everything out. At least we can tell our husbands that. 🙂 Try to rest and take it easy. Holding our babies is just around the corner!

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