An Odd Day, Yet Full Of Mercy

Dear friends and readers of this blog,

I just want to thank you all for your prayers. I HAD A PAIN-FREE DAY TODAY! It’s been a really long time since this happened, and I am thanking the Lord for this reprieve! Thank you so much for praying on my behalf. I am almost giddy at the possibility of continuing to be pain free, yet preparing to not be crushed if that is not the case when I wake up tomorrow morning.

On another note, I did notice that I felt much less movement from our little guy today. Usually I don’t even bother to do kick counts, because I can feel him constantly moving–about ten times in two minutes (or less). He’s been an active guy all along with no exceptions. Until today. So this morning I followed the kick count rules–drank a large glass of water and ate something sweet– and actually counted… ten kicks in forty minutes. Okay. A big change from his usual two minute mark. But at least it was under an hour, which is the criteria for normal fetal movement. I went about my day (yes, I actually did stuff today because I felt decent!) but then later on in the afternoon I kept noticing that I wasn’t feeling him moving much. So there I went again–lying still while doing more kick counting. This time, ten kicks in 28 minutes. I could only feel him kicking with my hand on my belly, and not from the inside like I usually can. “Hmm,” I thought, “What’s up with this?”

I called my mom to tell her my big news of not hurting today. I knew she’d be thrilled to hear it. “But,” I told her, “I haven’t been feeling the baby move as much today…” We discussed various possibilities of what could be causing that (moms are good at that) and after hanging up the phone with her, I decided to pull out my stethoscope and was delighted to pick up the baby’s heart beat right away. It was 156, his norm. He had the hiccups then and so I was able to actually feel him moving quite a bit during that time. But overall it seems like he’s been much quieter today.

So it was a bit of a strange day– on one hand by feeling so much better, yet on another not being able to feel the baby move as much. I wonder if he moved positions, which alleviated my pain but hampered my ability to feel him move as much (or his ability to move as much)? Maybe there is less room for him to move now? Either way, I’ll be keeping an eye on it, and let my OB know tomorrow if it keeps up.

Meanwhile I am rejoicing in His mercies placed over me today, and for feeling better for the first time in weeks!



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