The Baby Craze

The baby-craze. Anyone else experiencing this? Just take a quick stroll through Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby and you will see that I mean. Entire stores filled from floor to ceiling with any and everything baby-related. At this stage in the game, with less than nine weeks to go, my mind is filled with getting prepared for the arrival of our son. Being a first time parent has left me wondering what I will really need. There is so much out there and everyone has a different opinion and advice to give. And so I wonder: Will I really need that swing, chair, Bumbo (which I didn’t even know existed until 6 months ago), Moby wrap, Ergo backpack, and that Kelty backpack frame as well? Will I need two strollers, one for jogging and one for trips to the store? Will I need those multiple diaper changing covers and Boppies? Is that wipe warmer really necessary? What about a humidifier? And the obvious answer is that I have no idea. I can sort of guess. But how do I pick and choose and spend resources wisely?

I think back to my sister who raised three babies with only a port-a-crib– no ‘real’ crib and no changing table. They did have a few baby items, but they were missionaries in training and were always on the move; they had neither the space nor the finances for elaborate items. And their babies did just fine. In fact they are three wonderful boys now, a real treasure and joy to not only their parents but to us as well.

I believe that the craze over baby items comes from a little place in our hearts, a place called fear. We all know (and are constantly reminded) that having an baby is hard, really hard (and if it isn’t, just wait–someone will inevitably tell you that your next baby will be a real terror). I’ve had countless warnings about how little sleep I will be getting and how my hormones will be completely messed up. Basically what I translated this to mean was: “You will be an absolute wreck!” I’m not denying I won’t be somewhat of a wreck. I’m sure it’s more or less true. But what I realized was that out of that belief I started to worry that hubby and I would somehow just barely survive it and we wouldn’t enjoy it as much as we wanted to. And so the desire to eliminate struggle and hardship was growing out of proportion. I looked for solutions, for anything that would make the transition a little easier. And just like that fear crept in. How benign it looked and sounded — “I just need this to make life a little easier!” But really I was transferring my trust in the Lord to idols. Baby-things idols.

So I am trying to be wise about the baby-craze. To put it in the Lord’s hands and to not worry about it. Sure, I may be a walking zombie when the baby comes. But we’ll get through it, and hopefully we’ll also really enjoy it! For now, I have to admit, getting ready for a new baby is really fun. I have loved my times of organizing the nursery, washing new/borrowed baby clothes, constructing Ikea drawers and folding blankets. It’s really a treat. The nursery used to be the saddest room in the house for me because I didn’t know if it would ever by used, and now it has transformed into my favorite room in the house. What a blessing!

Before I forget, here I am at 31 weeks. My OB tells me I won’t be having a little baby!

31 weeks, 1 day.

31 weeks, 1 day.


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