Ten New Pregnancy Revelations

It just happens to be one of those things you can’t really ignore or forget about. Yes, I’m talking about pregnancy (again). I would apologize for this, but the fact that I am experiencing this is still a miracle and complete mystery to me! This little human being wriggling around inside constantly reminds me of the fact that I’m pregnant, let alone the other things like the constant comments people make about my growing belly. Here’s ten new things I’ve learned in the last two months of experiencing pregnancy:

1. The Prego Brain is real. As in, freakishly, scary-real. I’ve always boasted in having a good memory. I remember my childhood like it happened yesterday. But the details of the past week are gone. I’ve waved a sad good-bye to my good memory. The other day I put some eggs in a hot frying pan and completely forgot about them. I also forgot to park my car in gear, got out and to my horror watched it roll away (luckily I was able to jump in at the last minute and step on the brakes!). I forgot that we prayed before dinner last night and asked hubby when he was going to pray (he looked at me like I had lost my mind). And so, yeah… it’s a little scary. I sure hope my memory decides to re-inhabit my body after I have the baby, so that I don’t forget him in the grocery store or at home! (No seriously, this is a real concern of mine.)

2. The laws of gravity do not apply fairly to various parts of the body during pregnancy. For instance, the pull of gravity on one’s belly has got to be at least ten times stronger than normal. It just feels like that must be the case, whether you are trying to stand up, roll over, bend over, etc. Conversely, there seems to be zero gravitational pull your your stomach, where food somehow manages to make it’s way down and then immediately decides to comes back up.

3. People always say that pregnant women have no trouble staying warm. I confess I was really looking forward to this during the winter! Sadly, I must be in the small percentage of people who stay cold while pregnant… meanwhile the lovely heat dish hubby bought me last winter remains a close companion.

4. The fear of ruining your child due to colossal parenting errors is real and heightened during pregnancy. Obviously this is due to the imminent arrival of a baby. Hubby and I have had several conversations about this. We so hope and pray that we will be good parents and do the right thing for our child. But we know we are sinners too, and that it will be a battle to choose the selfless route and raise our child wisely.

5. Pregnancy changes every little thing about your body. Everything. I cannot think of a single thing it hasn’t changed, even if it is only a minor thing. My skin is more prone to infection and acne. My hair and nails grow faster. My fingers are swollen, my face looks a little puffier, I sometimes feel out of breath when singing…. but you know what? I just thought of something that hasn’t changed, and that’s my ears. Yes, my ears are still the same. (But somehow I don’t feel that negates my point though, so it’s staying put.)

6. It’s a sad day when your wedding ring stops fitting. That day came over a week ago. I bought a cheap cubic zirconia ring to wear for $30 for the rest of the pregnancy. I was sad but I actually had fun picking one out!

7. With each passing week of pregnancy, the excitement to hold your newborn in your arms grows exponentially. Especially after passing the 24 week mark (or the age of viability for a neonate). I also believe that the fear of the delivery will grow exponentially as the due date grows closer.

8. Pregnancy makes moods very tough to predict. Some days hubby tells me I am actually “volatile” (I know– YIKES!). Other days I am just like my old self. Some days I feel irritable for no reason whatsoever. I blame the hormones (and pray for patience and kindness).

9. Bystanders and friends cannot decide if your belly is small or large for how far along you are. No joke, when I am at work, among other places, the conversations go like this: (10AM — Coworker says to me) “You aren’t even showing yet! Where’s your baby bump?” (I take off my jacket to show that I do in fact have a belly.) “Well, you do have a bump, but you’re still really small!” (11AM– Another coworker) “Wow, look at that belly of yours. You’ve really popped out! I hate to say this, but you’re going to be HUGE by the time you deliver!” So I haven’t decided yet if my belly will be sticking out all the way to the North Pole or if people will still be saying “You look small!” when the 40 weeks are up.

10. Pregnancy is so different from anything I’ve ever experienced that it’s fun. Sure, it hurts and makes me more uncomfortable than ever, but I still love it. Don’t get me wrong– I’ve been miserable enough to be in tears multiple times. But the misery is a far cry from the misery and ache I experienced when I longed to be pregnant but couldn’t be. I love that I get to be pregnant, and we thank God for our son every night.

What about you? What have you experienced? I would love to hear your thoughts!


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