25 Weeks & Thankful

I’m breathing a sigh of relief this week. I made it to 24 weeks, the age of viability should our little son decide to make his grand appearance in the world a bit on the early side. Not that I have a limited understanding of what a neonate being born at 24 weeks means– as a NICU nurse I know fully well what’s at risk! But at least now there is hope for survival and that means so much to me.

Our little son is right on track so far. Growing well. Kicking up a storm day and night. Nothing was amiss at my last OB appointment, and it was so nice to leave with a light heart. My wonderful OB doctor even gave me a huge hug when I left. She’s great. We are so thankful.

Thank you all to those of you who have been praying for me. A few weeks after my blog post regarding abdominal adhesion pain, the baby seemed to grow bigger and moved up in my abdomen. I had some lingering pain but it wasn’t constant and it didn’t hurt as bad. It was great! But then I got plagued by these continual headaches and for about 3 weeks life was just a blur of a painful, hurting head. And then, one day, the headaches were gone! Thank you Lord! I was so thankful because my sister and nephew were visiting and I wanted to make the most of their visit and not squander it by having to lay on the sofa with my head on an ice pack all the time. I also didn’t want to be taking tylenol too often with this little boy growing inside me. So I was very thankful when the headaches disappeared and I was able to enjoy the visit with my sister and nephew.

I am so thankful that now pain is a not a main melody in my life. I do have off-days. Two days ago my belly hurt so bad that I could hardly move my legs. But it is more the exception and not the rule. And I am grateful!

Well, I guess I had better post a picture. This belly of mine is getting bigger!

24 weeks 1 day

24 weeks 1 day


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  1. So cute and glad you are feeling better!

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