From the Base of the Mountain

Any of you out there who who grew up listening to Psalty’s song, “One Step at a Time” are familiar with the idea that climbing a mountain, whether physically or metaphorically, doesn’t happen immediately.  The climb is taken one step at a time. So it is true with adoption. The process is so painstakingly slow, so slow that it feels at times that we are a complete stand-still, only to lift our eyes up to the top of the mountain and wonder if we will ever make it.

Major first step completed!

To the left of me in this picture you see our kitchen table. For about a month, various morphing piles of papers have been scattered about this table top. “To be completed” piles, “For hubby to sign” piles, and “For Emily to sign” piles.” Additionally, there have been piles labeled, “Education to be completed,” and lastly, “Completed!”

As the month went by, the number of piles of paper needing to be completed grew smaller and the single pile labeled “completed!” grew larger. We had to do everything from getting physicals, TB tests and drug screens from our doctors to paying for live scans and DMV driving reports, as well creating a living will and writing in detail about our views regarding open adoption. And that is only a small portion of the items necessary for this process! Additionally, our friends had to submit paperwork vouching for our character as well as our employer managers.

So it is with great excitement and expectation for the future that I took this precious packet full of long, labored hours to the post office this morning. Although there are still many steps to go, we’re making progress– and for the first time in a while it doesn’t feel as if I’m looking to the top of the mountain from the base.









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2 responses to “From the Base of the Mountain

  1. Emily J.

    Yay, congrats on getting the mountain of paperwork done and submitted. =)

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