Don’t be Fearful!

The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.” Proverbs 29:25

I’ve never really thought of myself as a fearful person– that is, until I got married. For the first time, my reactions to fear had a direct effect upon someone I loved very much. I was sickened by the way I responded to my fears, most of which were unworthy of any thought whatsoever. Often times, I didn’t even realize why I was behaving or acting the way I was. After some gentle prodding and inquiring from my husband, I learned that most of the time the cause of my behavior boiled down to deeply rooted fears, ones in which I felt I had little or no control of.

Marriage has taught me much. I realized early on in marriage that my husband had the power to utterly ruin my life. When you marry, you are trusting your spouse to be faithful to you, to not lie to you, or run off with your savings account. You are trusting him to take care of you whether you in are in perfect health or disabled in a wheelchair for many years. You are trusting him to love you whether you are skinny or fat. And you are trusting him to be wise about your family’s plans and future.  The level in which we trust and count on our spouses does not compare or even come close to any other earthly relationship, and once the vows are made and the license signed, it can be pretty overwhelming.

And it’s scary — knowing that someone you love and trust so deeply has the power to just about destroy you. When this realization hit, I had to take a deep breath and pray hard. If I couldn’t trust the Lord to carry me each day, whether or not my spouse proved to be faithful to the vows he made — then I knew we would both be miserable as I tried to control both of our lives.

Which brings me to adoption. A whole new can of uncertainties and fears has been quickly opened. We don’t have control over almost anything in this process. We don’t get to pick the birth mom or the baby. We don’t get to pick whether it’s a girl or boy. We don’t have any control over when or how the baby comes to us.  And once we get the baby, the birth mom will have the ability to revoke her adoption plan for up to ten days after the adoptive parents have the baby. So you see, this adoption thing is really quite frightening.

And yet, just like marriage, it’s also beautiful and wonderful. It’s another opportunity to completely step back and say, “Your will be done, Lord. I trust you to lead me through even the deepest waters. I know you will help me.” Learning to submit my fears to my Creator has taught me one of the greatest lessons in this life. I admit there are days when I have to re-learn that lessons. Days when I give into fear, and worry about the future. I have learned that being afraid is a miserable place to be. Trusting the Lord is a wonderful oasis compared to the dry deserts of fear.

If you struggle with being fearful, as I do, I encourage you to make a 3×5 card with verses of the Lord’s promises to you on them. Carry it with you everywhere you go. I did this during my first year of marriage and whenever I was afraid, I would pray those verses and ask the Lord to help me. Throughout this process, the Lord worked tremendous miracles in my life through that and grew my faith greatly! Pray together with a trustworthy friend addressing your fears. Make the choice to not live in fear. Wait and watch the Lord work miracles in your life too.



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4 responses to “Don’t be Fearful!

  1. Anonymous

    Well said, Emily!

  2. Thank you, this is something that I needed, I have been extremely fearful as to my ability or lack there of to properly provide for my family, somehow I get sucked back into these dead end jobs and then we are living the stressed at life that we were when we got married, but it is a lot less fun now with kids…thanks again I will try your suggestion!

  3. Good to hear you have a plan of action! I have one more idea for you: Daily get up early while the house is still quiet — read the Word and then write down your anxieties as prayers to the Lord. I do this every morning — same time every day, and it is a wonderful start to the day (I must say it’s hard to get out of bed sometimes, though!). I find that when I do this, a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders because I know that God has heard my prayers and is working in my life!

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